CRM & Dynamic Segmentation

Create your target groups and manage your contact lists precisely as never before. Track and manage the communication with your contacts at every stage of their lifecycle. Make sure you’re always targeting right people with right content at the right time.

CRM & Dynamic Segmentation

Key Features

Utilize the data about your contacts to perfectly fit your communication to their needs across entire customer journey. Decide how to approach your potential and current customers on each stage of the sales funnel.

Create segments based on website behaviour, transactions and declarative data

Define actions and campaigns dedicated only to the selected contacts’ segments

Use scoring to identify hottest leads and their real interests

Alert your team about leads' activity

Structure, measure and optimize your sales process with funnels

Manage your sales with notes, tasks and reminders

Nurture your leads to prepare them for the direct sales process

Successfully onboard new customers and build loyalty to increase retention

Basic CDP features provided by SALESmanago

Lead routing – automated transfer of contacts along the sales funnel and to a designated members of your sales team

Managing client life cycle – you can dynamically adjust your marketing activities over time to keep up with the changing needs of your customers

Contact segmentation – automated division of contacts into segments characterized by identical or similar interests and behaviours, based on transactional and behavioural data

Integrate with calendar, create tasks and notes – organise your work and make sure you won’t miss important information on your leads

Managing contact flow in marketing campaigns – create targeted campaigns and automatically adjust your marketing message to the current stage of the prospect’s involvement

Creating company cards and grouping contacts from one company – easily find all contacts from the same company

Managing contact flow in sales funnels – set up an unlimited number of sales funnels and track the progress of your contacts

Effects of implementation

Properly prepared contact management process brings you a number of benefits, including:
better educated customers
better understanding of your customers needs
higher profitability
a 10% increase in the quality of data increases the company’s revenues by 14%

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