Website Personalization

Make your website visitors feel at home with real-time personalization lowering the bounce rate. Replace general offers with ones tailored ideally for them.

Website Personalization

Key Features

Use the data about your visitors' preferences and profiles to help them find what they came for. Adjust your website to each individual contact in real-time.

Fully personalize your website graphics and message to visitor profile and segments

Measure results with advanced analytics

Display livechat, popups and forms to the right person, at the right time

Dynamically adjust discounts and pricing to address customer value

Create personalized forms and landing pages without IT using drag&drop wizards

Show personalized banners instead of general offer

Use A/B/X tests to optimize your campaigns

Use intelligent product recommendations to target visitors with 1-to-1 offers

Personalized Website Content

Personalized Website Content

With SALESmanago Marketing Automation system you can turn your website into a channel of communication between you and visitors to your web page, which may now automatically respond to their needs. It is possible to dynamically personalize the content displayed on the web page depending on which user currently visits it. Matching the page content with the user is possible for both anonymous as well as identified users.

Available features

SALESmanago Marketing Automation
  • text and graphical banners
  • materials download forms
  • product banners (ecommerce recommendations)
  • landing page / target web page generator
  • contact forms
  • dynamic personalized script generator
  • coupon download forms
  • dynamic banners on your website run by automation rules
  • free modification of your web page for better match with the visitor’s profile

Effects of use

More contacts acquired from your website
200% increase in the number of conversions on personalized contact forms
More clicks on your web page and more returning users
Significant decrease in bounce-rate
Shorter time the user needs to retrieve required information
Longer time the user spends on you web page

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