SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

Product Release Hub
SALESmanago Product Hub

SALESmanago Product Hub

We are reframing Customer Data Platform

and Marketing Automation product categories

while inventing new solutions for eCommerce.

We are reframing Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation product categories while inventing new solutions for eCommerce.

SALESmanago Product Hub
SALESmanago Product Hub

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Product Hub Winter Update 2023

“Following a robust start to the year, our team continued to provide great value to our customers and their shoppers. On top of numerous improvements that make our platform even easier to use, we have delivered impressive new capabilities that offer marketers greater flexibility, foster team collaboration, and leverage AI to drive enhanced performance and customer support. Now, looking ahead to 2024, I am very excited to see game-changing new capabilities that will make our platform even smarter, enabling marketers to provide outstanding shopping experiences and cultivate long-lasting relationships with shoppers.”

Pierre Bizeul, VP of Product

Segmentation: New and improved filters

Enjoy more flexible segmentation with the new Contact filters: by browser, by device, by operating system, by Workflow status, and by most effective channel. Define your target audiences even more precisely with new advanced operators and time-related options. When filtering by standard or dictionary details, select more of them and decide whether they should be connected by AND or OR.

Email Priority Management

Make sure that the most important communications reach your Contacts first. Use our new, intelligent solution to set priority levels for different email types and thus determine the order in which they will be sent.

Data Genius for Workflow and Segmentation

Increase the effectiveness of your communication with SALESmanago’s new data-based feature: Data Genius. The new Contact filter—Filtering by most effective channel, and the new Workflow element—Data Genius: Most effective channel, leverage existing data to help you optimize your segmentation processes and automatically establish the best way to reach your Contacts.

Facilitated collaboration with Sticky Notes

Experience smooth team collaboration with SALESmanago’s innovative solution: the capability to add Sticky Notes on the Workflow board. Use them to describe the process you are currently configuring, provide references, or ask questions. You can choose the color for each Note, format its text, add hyperlinks, and @mention your colleagues.

AI Studio for Live Chat

Implement SALESmanago’s state-of-the-art AI Studio into your Live Chat. Make your consultants’ work easier by providing them with three ready-to-send response suggestions generated by ChatGPT. Improve the quality of your customer support and provide a better customer experience on your website.

Coming soon


Anonymous Visitor Targeting

Target anonymous website visitors with marketing communications personalized based on their online behavior.


Upgraded Recommendations

Enjoy fewer limitations and more customization options for personalizing recommendations according to your needs.


Lead Generation Studio

Design Lead Generation campaigns with a top-tier experience to capture customer information and engage customers more effectively.


Webhooks for Workflow

Easily transfer Contact data from SALESmanago to external environments in real time.

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