Unified Workflow Console

Master the Art of Automation

Streamline your marketing processes, increase sales, and drive revenue growth. Effortlessly engage customers with personalized messages, targeted offers, and automated follow-ups. Increase conversions through cart abandonment recovery and cross-selling opportunities. Maximize customer loyalty with effective program management. Experience the power of automation integrated with CDP to unlock your eCommerce potential.

Intuitively create advanced workflows with events, conditions, and actions
Easily switch between funnel-driven and customer journey-focused approach
Copy and reuse entire workflows, as well as their components, in no time

5 Steps to Success with Unified Workflow Console

Achieve Marketing Mastery with Intuitive Workflow Creation

The intuitive workflow creation allows you to effortlessly build advanced processes, automating complex campaigns and maximizing your marketing and sales effectiveness. Elevate your strategy with ease.

Effortlessly Build Advanced Processes

Switch Optics in Seconds

Break free from the confines of a traditional funnel-driven approach. SALESmanago's upgraded Workflows empower you to switch optics in seconds. Transition to a customer journey-focused perspective, aligning your marketing efforts with the dynamic paths customers take on their purchasing journey.

Design Customer Journeys, not Sales Funnels

Enjoy Seamless Performance for Optimal Results

The incorporation of the latest Angular technology ensures seamless and secure operations. Benefit from lightning-fast speed and enhanced security, driving optimal results with efficiency and confidence.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Copy and Repurpose Workflow Success in Seconds

The ability to effortlessly copy and reuse Workflow components allows you to accelerate your campaigns. Streamline your work, reduce errors, and optimize your automation efforts for impactful results that propel your business forward.

Be Lean and Impactful

Fuel Processes with CDP Data

Supercharge your processes with the power of customer data. Workflows integrate seamlessly with Customer Data Platform (CDP), enabling you to leverage valuable insights for personalized and targeted communication. Unleash the potential of data-driven automation and achieve better results with every campaign.

Deliver precise Omnichannel Execution

Unified Workflow Console for eCommerce Omnichannel Orchestration

Intuitive workflow creation with events, conditions, and actions

Capability to switch between funnel-driven and customer journey-focused approach

  • Horizontal orientation for a Customer Journey view
  • Vertical orientation for a Funnel view
  • Enhanced safety and efficiency with the latest Angular technology

    Ability to easily copy and reuse workflow components

  • Copy entire Workflows
  • Copy parts of Workflows and use them in the same process
  • Copy parts of Workflow and re-use it in different processes
  • Seamless integration with the CDP data

    Customizable automation processes for advanced marketing campaigns

    Real-time reaction for timely engagement with prospects

    Maximize eCommerce revenue growth
    …the lean way