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For every company that becomes our customer, you will automatically receive €500 and 50% of the invoiced amount from their first 3 months.

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    We run a sales process. After your referral signs the licence agreement you get informed about the monthly value of it. We pay out your money after we receive payment from the customer you recommended.

How does it work

Earn real money

The starting fee you will be paid for signing each customer you recommended is €500. We understand however that some referrals you make can bring us bigger customers, that’s why we will pay you a further 50% of the invoiced amount from their first 3 consecutive months of usage of the system.

Who to recommend

If you have a friend or know somebody that runs a company, is the owner of the company, or works in a managerial or specialist position within the marketing or sales team - these would be the right people. It’s important that you have at least an acquaintance relationship with them - from our experience such recommendations work best.

How it works

The person or business you recommended will receive an email informing them they have been nominated by you to get onboard with SALESmanago. Our Product Manager will then contact this person with a proposal of a 1-to-1 presentation of our Marketing Automation software. You will be updated about the status of the sales process, and yes, definitely you will be informed when the customer signs the deal. From then on we will keep you updated on the payments of the customer we got thanks to you.

When we payout

The €500 fee is paid within 14 days after we sign the agreement with the customer you recommended us to. The rest of the money is paid out after the customer has completed payment of the invoiced amount for their first 3 consecutive months of SALESManago use. The average monthly payment of our customers is almost €1000, which means if everything goes well you may additionally get as much as €1500.

The program is only valid for SALESmanago Marketing Automation PRO and ENTERPRISE Package paid service subscriptions. For more info go and see our pricing.