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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


On a journey
to become the world’s #1
Customer Engagement Platform.
Success. Together.

What is that we do?

Every day SALESmanago helps hundreds of the world’s most recognizable brands such as Starbucks, BMW, Crocs, New Balance, and Victoria’s Secret , as well as thousands of smaller companies, to connect with their customers , in engaging ways.

Our leading Customer Engagement Platform is helping more than 2500 e-Commerce businesses in over 50 countries to connect with their customers and maximize their growth. It empowers our clients to grow and build authentic, life-long relationships with their own customers - through precision in e-commerce execution, hyper-personalization and growth intelligence (merging human and AI-based guidance).


For over 10 years we have been successfully competing with giants such as IBM, Adobe and Salesforce. Through our product, we allow other smaller and mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs (facing tough global competition in challenging and exciting times) to compete with large, global corporations.

Today, over 350 talents from around the world help build SALESmanago - all sharing the same passion for revolutionary solutions and excitement about the new phase of our growth journey.

Meet our teams

  • Administration & Finance

    We assist all teams with a range of projects and provide functional support to the whole organization.

    We combine knowledge and common sense with a go get it attitude.

    We help to move the company forward by evaluating the financial impact of our plans and decisions.

    Our team members are involved daily in creating a safe, vibrant and collaborative work environment.

  • Customer Success

    We are the ones taking care of our Customers' success, making sure they use and benefit from the system 100%.

    We are tasked with educating our customers and helping them create powerful marketing strategies by speaking their business language.

  • Marketing

    We are the drivers of sustainable company growth, working across different functions: Demand Generation, Product & Partner Marketing, Content Strategy, Operations, Brand & Community and Field Marketing.

    Our job is to continuously increase SALESmanago brand awareness and shape our powerful story. Building relationships is key for us.

  • People Department

    We are here to make sure we grow fast without leaving our people behind.

    We attract talents and help them realize their full potential.

    Our mission is empowering teams to shape the culture that represents them and makes them proud ambassadors of SALESmanago.

    And we do that by treating our employees like adults, customers and mostly - human beings.

  • R&D

    We are the ones behind the famous SALESmanago product, bringing further enhancements to life

    We process terabytes of data to transform complex tasks into intuitive designs.

    Along with app development we continuously and dynamically grow our skills.

    And although we are really busy we never say no to a friendly game of foosball at our office.

  • Sales

    We’re a team of entrepreneurs focused on strategy, networking and continuous learning.

    SALESmanago has a tremendous opportunity to accelerate customer engagement, and our team is constantly facilitating dialogue with our prospects to do so.

    We turn our product into valuable solutions for our Clients and Partners, directly impacting their growth.


Our Values


Our Purpose


Our story


Next steps


What we have in common as people and how we operate as business?

Execution & Performance

We are a company of ‘doers’ and ‘go-getters’, committed to delivering value and impact to our customers - without excuses.

We avoid unnecessary rules and and favour quick decision making over deliberating.

Focus on getting things done. Fast

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our people are willing to roll their sleeves up and take ownership where needed. We favour autonomy, creativity and self-initiative.

We always find ways to simplify and optimize.

We are fixers - mistakes are part of the process but we are bold enough to change.

Freedom to act and take responsibility

Transparency and Fairness

Our priority has always been open communication about company and individual performance.

We aim for clarity in setting our objectives. Tenure and title are second to real performance and value delivered.

We fight knowledge-hoarding. We own up to our failures but when we win we can truly celebrate success.

Building trust on being transparent


Common sense is our main philosophy and we make sure we don’t over-engineer simple things.

We are a data driven company and decisions are always based on analytics and numbers.

We choose calculated risk taking over analysis‐paralysis.

Using common sense to be lean and fast

Inclusivity and Diversity

We see, hear and empower individuals.

We welcome rebels and outcasts; we learn to respect and celebrate our differences as they help us push the boundaries even further.

We understand that spectacular results requires leaving your bubble.

Diverse teams drive better performance

Appreciation of Individual Effort

We seek impact hungry, individual contributors and help them realize their full potential - and once they do we make them shine.

We create an environment where getting outside of the brackets is easy and where everybody has the opportunity to be rewarded for exceptional performance through equity and become a co-owner in our company.

Trusting individuals to make a difference


We know why we are here. Working here is more than a job


What makes our achievements unique

  • Our Success

    We feel an enormous sense of achievement knowing that only 1 in 10 000 startups reach the stage of $ 20 mln revenue.

    We are proud we made it by believing in the strength of young people, through rational management - without external investment, and re-investing in our future.

    Only 1 in 1,000,000 startups reach the valuation of a Unicorn ($1 billion). We are in a perfect position to be the next.

  • Our Culture

    We are proud we have managed to create a unique, high performance work environment where everybody gets a chance. A place that naturally attracts not only talented people but predominantly people who are impact hungry.

    We are proud we have managed to identify hundreds of extremely talented people that took this company forward.

  • Our Product

    We are proud we were able to create a tech startup with our own proprietary technology.

    We are proud to be supporting many of the biggest and best-known brands in 50 countries.

    We are proud to have put Kraków and Poland on the global technology scene - helping the country to be appreciated and recognised as a key global technology hub.

Be there at the right moment

Recognized by the market and top investors we are now in the spotlight and growing rapidly.

With significant investment into SALESmanago to fuel our growth - we are building a global team of talented, passionate, impact-hungry people(professionals and graduates) who want to co-create the future of e-commerce.

And if, in addition to growing your career, you are looking for a vibrant community where people form valuable relationships and simply enjoy being together, well - you’ve come to the right place.

  • Do I need to dress smartly?

    Not particularly - you can go for the variation of “dress for success” ;) We don’t have a company dress code although in some roles you might make video calls with clients and you’ll need to make a positive impression - something worth keeping in mind

  • Research?

    Strongly advised. Our business is pretty niche. And we like candidates who take the time to find out what we do. Our website is very informative. Or try YouTube. Pick up a few facts. Then tell us why you want to work here!

  • Questions? Gimme a heads-up!

    Nothing out of the box. We’ll ask about your previous experience. What exactly you did. You’ll also need to share some detailed stories in which you are the hero, i.e. doing good stuff in your previous roles. If you don’t have previous experience, then we’ll ask about projects you did in your free time. Oh, and you can throw in something about yourself – just to give us a flavour of your character

  • Any tricky tasks?

    Yes, for sales roles. You’ll need to sell us something. We decide what (hint - it’s connected to what we do).


We believe our best perks are amazing peers and co-creating the SALESmanago product ;)
But the list goes on:

Free Lunches

Sports Cards

Integrations Budgets

Own Company Restaurant

Friday Happy Hours

Flexible Working Hours

Free Breakfast

VW California

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Let's work together

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