Chat Bot

Design and launch conversation scenarios in which the bot provides clients with answers to questions asked in your chats. Improve user experience and save consultants’ time.

Chat Bot

Using Chat Bot to communicate with users in your chats allows you to:

relieving the customer service department, thanks to automatic answers to frequently asked, standard questions (FAQ)

increasing sales conversion by using 1-to-1 product recommendations during automatic conversations

increasing engagement and building brand awareness creating bot scenarios containing educational cycles and quizzes

stepping ahead of your customers’ expectations by using the chat bot in many channels simultaneously. The chat bot can answer your customers’ queries at any time of the day, regardless of whether they’re contacting you on social media, or on your website

How does this work?

Chat bot

The user creates a conversation path by specifying text sequences, answer lists or by giving the option to forward the conversation to a consultant who will directly talk to the client. The bot scenario is configured freely, in a way tailored to individual needs, based on 4 types of elements:

  • eCommerce - questions used to specify customer interests. These are questions about the budget, name, color or product category of the user's interest.
  • Bot text - text that will be displayed to users.
  • User commands - items containing possible user responses to bot questions.
  • Conversation ending elements - elements that redirect to another scenario or go back to the beginning of the scenario.

Chat bot can support any number of scenarios.

Use Cases

Save human resources and reduce customer waiting time

Optimization of specialist's working time

Automatic answers to standard questions about sizes, payment methods, product variants and delivery time (FAQ).

Optimization of the communication process

Automatic answer to every question left in Chat Bot and confidence that no message will be left unanswered.

Virtual advisor - recommend products the client is looking for

Increasing sales conversion

Using the scenario with a series of questions helpful in selecting a product recommendation ideally suited to the user.

Create a quiz and engage customers

Increased engagement

Offering additional content after answering the quiz questions (e.g. "What type of complexion do you have?", "What does your wardrobe say about you?", "Check your body type"). Product recommendations matched to the result of the quiz.

Branding and offer presentation

Building brand awareness

Provide information on the offer, the company's operation, production methods, CSR.
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