Web Push

Engage your contacts anytime they`re on-line and gain 50% higher reach than your emails. Send campaigns with dynamic content without visitors’ contact data.

Web Push

Key Features

Use web push notifications to deliver precisely targeted offers, personalized and triggered with specific users actions. Make your notifications attractive and efficient.

Communicate with your customer database or anonymous visitors

Reach your potential and current customers while they`re active outside your website

Fully automate when, what and to whom your notifications are displayed

Send bulk or personalized offers to different contact segments

Personalize webpush communication with 1-to-1 or machine learning product recommendations

Make webpush a new strategic element of your multichannel communication

Enrich your marketing automation workflows with web pushes

Use web push to rescue carts, educate customers and generate leads

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First steps towards web push notifications

First steps towards web push notifications

One of the basic goals of SALESmanago is to extend communication channels with prospects and existing customers in order to reach the biggest possible number of users with maximally personalized content. The Web Push and Rich Web Push notification solutions enable to conduct communication in a custom way, even with anonymous users. The notifications take form of short messages which can be sent directly on the user’s device without having any contact details.

The most crucial condition is obtaining the user’s confirmation for receiving notifications. The standard version consists of a short text and a small icon. Whereas Rich Web Push appears on the screen as a big and colorful banner. The time of sending a web push notification is quite flexible and SALESmanago enables to send the unlimited number of Web Push notification as well. The notification is displayed only when the user is using a browser in which the agreement form has been approved.

Web Push and Rich Web Push Notifications

Web Push and Rich Web Push Notifications
  • A visitor needs to hit the “OK” button on the agreement form and on the browser’s window
  • Because web push notifications are sent via a browser, the visitor has to confirm the agreement form which is sent via the browser. Otherwise, the visitor won’t receive any notification
  • If it’s a monitored contact, a defined tag will be automatically assigned which will allow for better segmentation of contacts database
  • If the contact does not approve such kind of notification, there is a possibility of sending such agreement form some other time, e.g. after a week or at the next visit of a given user to the website

Sending Web Push and Rich Web Push Notifications

The process of their creation is really simple. You shall use the 3-step creator.

In both types of notification the process is similar:

  • Enter a title
  • Add a short text and upload small graphics (Rich Web Push: in addition to a small icon in the notification window, upload graphics which include the details of the offer)
  • Define URL address to which the user will be redirected after clicking the notification

Sending Web Push and Rich Web Push Notifications:

  • Define the group of the recipients (identified, anonymous or all)
  • Set the time of sending
  • Set the notification activity time (it is counted from the set date of sending the notification. If the user opens a browser after this date, the notification won’t display)

GO FURTHER Web push and rich push notifications can be sent to all users or to individuals by means of automation processes (e.g. when a customer hasn’t visited a website for some time).
SEE: How to send web push notifications by means of automation processes

Sent web pushes analytics enables to analyze the effectiveness of actions, this can be calculated basing on the number of sent, seen and clicked web push notifications.

Web Push and Rich Web Push Notifications Comparison

Rich Web Push

Rich Web Push

Web Push

Web Push

Business Benefits

The ability to reach customers through an additional communication channel without having their data

Adjusting the delivery time of the message to the moment when the user is online

Communicating with both identified and anonymous contacts

High click-through rates on notifications

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