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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Customer Lifecycle Management


Marketing Automation enables effective communication with your customers at all stages of their lifecycle. In this way you can build and maintain relations with current and prospective contacts. It is essential that you manage the entire customer lifecycle as it brings you an optimum return on every sourced contact. Customer lifecycle begins when a contact is sourced, it then continues through the stage of education which leads to purchase, this being followed by retention and loyalty building. Marketing Automation closes the loop as it measures customer engagement at every stage of the process and ensures proper communication with them.

Available features

  • Behavioural tracking at each stage of the cycle
  • Prospect engagement measurement
  • Lead Nurturing Programs adjusted to particular stages of the cycle
  • Automated actions stimulating customer loyalty
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Engagement index

Customer engagement is measured by means of the engagement index, which is a dedicated functionality developed by SALESmanago. The index contains several basic components but is generally made up of two halves. The left half focuses on customer engagement level prior to signing a contract or finalizing a transaction. The other half is centered on customer engagement at retention and exit stages. The index is further divided into four quarters appearing in the following sequence:

  • nurture stage;
  • purchase stage;
  • retention stage;
  • exit stage.

After adding the customer into one of the two halves the SALESmanago Marketing Automation system measures the customer’s engagement defined as their level of involvement in several areas, e.g. opening emails or behaviour on your website. Then, on the basis of the score achieved each customer is assigned to the most appropriate stage. With SALESmanago Marketing Automation your sales and marketing activities are tailored to match the current stage of the customer’s lifecycle as well as their level of engagement at any given time.