Lead Generation

Engage anonymous visitors and convert them into potential customers 30% more efficiently. Don’t hide what they came for under the layers of irrelevant content. Give them a good reason to leave their data.

Lead Generation

Key Features

Ask for customer data in a way which doesn’t interrupt browsing the website. Provide useful content in exchange for customer data.

Create responsive forms and landing pages without IT using drag & drop wizards

Convert anonymous visitors into leads and keep their visits history

Use progressive profiling forms to collect more data

Increase conversion with forms and popups personalized to real customer interests

Display contact forms and popups at time of the highest conversion probability

Dynamically adjust discount codes and pricing to address customer value

Use A/B/X tests for optimization of contact forms and landing pages

Measure results with advanced analytics

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation Dashboard

Tools offered by SALESmanago enable you to create a full range of lead acquisition programs. Using the information about behaviours of your potential leads you will be able to direct them to various kinds of forms which can be used to obtain their contact data.

Available features:
  • Landing page generator
  • File download forms
  • Pop-up, sidebar and classic static forms
  • Event registration forms
  • Forms displayed only on specified URL's
  • Dynamic forms
  • Facebook contest applications
  • Online chat on a website
  • Online surveys and questionnaires
  • Forms restricted to anonymous website users

Effects of implementation

SALESmanago Marketing Automation

SALESmanago and its possibilities of lead acquisition turn each interaction of a potential customer with the content published by your company into an opportunity for sourcing contact data. More importantly, the system will automatically distinguish between identified and

anonymous contacts and will therefore request contact information only from unknown persons. Varied, flexible and personalized forms of lead acquisition will significantly increase the number of leads generated directly from anonymous traffic on your website

More about Lead Generation

Customer Referral System

Customer Referral System is one of the most frequently implemented solutions for successful lead generation.

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