SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Advertising Networks & DMP

Use dynamic remarketing and display 1-to-1 tailored ads with offers perfectly fitting your contacts’ needs. Engage your customers with ads adjusted to the stage in their lifecycle and with use of AI recommendations to predict their next purchase intents.

Advertising Networks & DMP

Key Features

Boost your dynamic remarketing campaigns with full set of data collected about your contacts. Use additional campaign qualification criteria and decide what products should be displayed in ads.

Connect data from your SALESmanago account with advertising platforms

Create truly omnichannel user experience showing ads with the same message that you used in other channels

Use data on customer’s stage in the lifecycle, scoring, tags and more to decide when to activate different ad campaigns

Show recommended products based on dynamic content and with usage of information on past purchases

Engage non-active customers using AI recommendations to predict what they might be interested in now

Enrich your customer data with insights from DMP-s to predict more precisely the best moment to target them with your campaigns

Personalize the website at the entrance with usage of 3rd party data on visitors’ interests

Improve your ad campaigns’ effectiveness thanks to real personalization

How it works

Advertising Networks & DMP
  • Implement tracking codes from SALESmanago and your ad platform
  • Match the tracking cookies and synchronise contact’s data on both ends
  • Define the criteria under which you will qualify your contacts to different campaigns
  • SALESmanago engines builds content for each contact and sends it to ad platform
  • Ad platform displays the perfectly tailored ads

Personalize your ads with dynamic and AI recommendations

Advertising Networks & DMP

Connect data about your customers gathered in SALESmanago Customer Data Platform with audiences and segments built in Data Management Platforms to get real 360 customer profiles. With integration with external data sources and ad networks you are able to even more precisely target your e-mail, SMS and web push campaigns and display offers perfectly fitting customer’s interests on and outside of your website.

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