SALESmanago Marketing Automation

Mobile Marketing Automation

SALESmanago Marketing Automation
  • Track your customer behaviour in your mobile app
  • Enrich your CRM with mobile app behaviour data and location
  • Go beyond email marketing and use text, voice and push messages
  • Personalize content and delivery time for each individual contact
  • Automate communication with your contacts on their mobile devices
  • Use product recomendations in text and push messages
  • Create fully responsive content perfectly fitting your customers’ mobile devices
  • Measure results with advanced analytics

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Mobile Marketing Automation

  • APPmanago Marketing Automation is one of the first dedicated systems of automation in mobile applications. The Mobile Marketing Automation platform identifies and monitors application users’ behavior, builds their behavioral profiles and allows to understand them better. APPmanago offers also automated and personalized communication via email, in-app messages, push notifications and SMS, based on built profiles. Thanks to the full integration with SALESmanago Marketing automation system, you can combine knowledge about desktop and in-app behavior to develop complete profiles and realize personalized marketing and sales communication in every channel.

Monitoring of in-app behavior

  • APPmanago monitors the behavior of particular users, segments and globally, of all users. Based on that data, it builds individual behavioral profiles and paths of in-app behavior.
  • APPmanago analyzes the following information inside the app:
  • Most often used modules of an app
  • Modules in which user most often abandons an app
  • Time spent in an app, average time spent in an app
  • Most often used modules in the app, globally
  • APPmanago collects the following data from the device:
  • List of applications installedd on the device
  • Most often used apps on the device
  • Categories of apps most often use in given time of the day

Mobile app user segmentation

  • APPmanago’s advanced behavioral technology allows to divide users into precisely defined groups in real time. Such practice allows to target effective campaigns and personalize messages. Segmentation is based on:
  • Time of the first usage of an app
  • Time from the last usage of an app
  • Time spent in app (per day, per week and per month)
  • Most often used modules of an app
  • Version of an app
  • Amount and type of reactions to received notifications
  • Amount of new users
  • Default language settings
  • Categories of installed apps

Communication: creator of push notifications, rich content messages, and emails

  • APPmanago is a Mobile Marketing Automation tool for personalized and automated multichannel communication that makes campaign creation easier. It offers an intuitive drag&drop creator for every type of message, which produces a fully responsive creation. You can see its preview on 3 most popular devices (phone, tablet, laptop).
  • Editor allows to create:
  • Push notifications
  • Email messages
  • Landing Pages
  • Personalized banners
  • Contact forms

Mobile Marketing Automation – creator of automation rules

  • Intuitive creator of automation rules allows to program simple processes like automatic notifications and complex personalized campaigns. Rules allow to react automatically to any defined user action or change in her profile. They’re based on data gathered in real time, such as:
  • Behavioral data – full record of user’s behavior in the app
  • Transactional data – information about purchases made inside the app or recorded by external system
  • User’s activity and location – time when a user is most and least active, precise location based on GPS
  • Device – used device, its operational system and web browser

Advanced analytics: paths in the app, travelline, push notifications

  • APPmanago is a complex analytical Marketing Automation platform, dedicated for the mobile devices. It allows not only for a more user-focused analytics but also for the focus on the application itself. In the real time module the Mobile Marketing Automation system monitors the application’s efficiency and is able determine its weaknesses and assets. Furthermore, the system analyses the efficiency of the marketing campaign and the geolocation of users.
  • The analysis and the data available:
  • Path analysis – the analysis of the user’s flow inside the application. It is built for particular people as well as for the entire application
  • Travelline – the analysis of the flow of the particular user based on the location taken from the mobile device that person uses
  • The percentage of the test’s creations
  • Push notifications – measures the efficiency of the push, the number of the application openings and the activity in modules (by notifications) and the sales’s conversion

Integration with SALESmanago Marketing Automation

  • APPmanago and SALESmanago are entirely complementary and integrated Marketing Automation systems. Combining the tool focused on desktop usage with a system specialized in mobile marketing opens a unique marketing environment, including all marketing channels.
  • Examples of usage:
  • Customer segmentation based on data from APPmanago to display dynamic content on the website or in RTB network
  • Supplementing user’s SALESmanago profile with data from APPmanago to improve automatic processes performed by the former
  • Addressing RTB campaign to inactive users of the app.


  • You can track mobile app’s users as well as website visitors
  • Automation and personalization of push notification and in-app messages
  • Full analytics of usage of mobile app
  • Synergy of desktop and mobile marketing actions
  • Constructing complete and reliable customer profiles, involving data from various sources.

Customer Reference

„As partner of SALESmanago we can say that is a complete tool for marketing automation, it has a lot of features that give you the possibility to manage your qualified leads. There are many automation rules that is possible to apply in every situation. It’s easy to analyse the customers behaviour, both on your e-mail campaigns and on the web site. Besides, it’s possible to manage and modify the communications with the potential new customers thanks to the Wizard. The support team is always available to help us and willing to give us some suggestions and tips. Thanks to our strong partnership with SALESmanago we can offer a new and innovative service to our potential new customers. We hope to do always better with our customers and it will be also possible thanks to SALESmanago.”
Guglielmo Fassio, SEO & Account Manager – ByTek Marketing

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