Mobile Marketing

Use the customer’s mobile device to deliver your 1-to-1 offers anywhere they are with SMS, push notifications and messaging apps. Integrate MobileApp Marketing Automation to track app usage, build dynamic behavioral segments and send truly omnichannel campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

Key Features

Use one of the first Mobile Marketing Automation solutions in the world to build a perfect cross-device experience for your customers.

Track customer behavior in your mobile app

Go beyond email marketing and use text, messaging apps and push notifications

Automate communication with your contacts on their mobile devices

Create fully responsive content that perfectly fits your customers" mobile devices

Enrich your CDP with mobile app behavior data and location

Personalize content and delivery time for each individual contact

Use product recommendations in text and push messages

Measure results with advanced analytics

Mobile Messaging

Monitoring of in-app behaviour

Use SALESmanago to manage communication with your prospects and customers on their mobile devices. Run bulk campaigns for selected segments of users or use mobile messaging as part of your automation scenarios. SALESmanago allows you to send:

  • SMS messages
  • WhatsApp messages
  • Viber messages
  • Push notifications
  • In-app notifications

SALESmanago integrates with over 50 SMS gateway providers across the world, and SALESmanago Mobile delivers native communication methods for your mobile app. Use mobile messaging to deliver a truly omnichannel experience for your contacts.

Mobile Marketing Automation

SALESmanago Mobile is one of the first dedicated systems of automation in mobile applications. The Mobile Marketing Automation platform identifies and monitors application users’ behavior, builds their behavioral profiles and allows you to understand them better. SALESmanago Mobile also offers automated and personalized communication via email, in-app messages, push notifications and SMS, based on built profiles. Thanks to full integration with the SALESmanago Marketing Automation system, you can combine knowledge about desktop and in-app behavior to develop complete profiles and realize personalized marketing and sales communication in every channel.

SALESmanago Mobile

Monitoring in-app behavior

Monitoring of in-app behaviour

SALESmanago Mobile monitors the behavior of particular users, segments of users and of all users globally. Based on this data, it builds individual behavioral profiles and paths of in-app behavior.

SALESmanago Mobile analyzes the following information inside the app:

  • Most often used modules of an app
  • Modules in which users most often abandon the app
  • Total time and average time spent in the app
  • Most often used modules in the app, globally
  • Autoresponders

SALESmanago Mobile collects the following data from the device:

  • List of applications installed on the device
  • Most often used apps on the device
  • Categories of apps most often used at a given time of day

Mobile Marketing Automation
creator of automation rules

This intuitive creator of automation rules allows you to program simple processes like automatic notifications as well as complex, personalized campaigns. Use rules to react automatically to any defined user action or change in profile. They’re based on data gathered in real time, such as:

  • Behavioral data – full record of a user’s behavior in the app
  • Transactional data – information about purchases made inside the app or recorded by an external system
  • User’s activity and location – the time when a user is most and least active, plus precise location based on GPS
  • Device – device used, its operational system and web browser
Mobile Marketing Automation creator of automation rules


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