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Email Marketing

Increase your email CTR and OR by 400% using one-to-one emails with dynamic product recommendations. Stop guessing when the best time to send your weekly newsletter is. Send it individually to each contact on the best possible day and at the best possible hour.

SALESmanago Email Marketing

Key Features

Use the potential of Marketing Automation to make your Email Marketing smarter and more efficient. Reach your customers with personalized content at the right time.

Create beautiful and responsive emails without IT using drag-and-drop wizards.

Choose from hundreds of ready-to-use templates.

Personalize content and delivery time for each contact.

Send emails individually at best time to open and click.

Always reach your customer with highest IP reputation and deliverability.

Automatically clean your database out of bad email addresses.

Use automated email programs or send single campaigns.

Save time by setting up automatic email campaigns and autoresponders.

Use hyper personalization features in your emails

Use hyper-personalization features in your emails

Conditional Content

Allows you to create a single message that will display different variants of content for a defined list of customer segments. This way you don’t have to create multiple personalized messages - you can create a single template that will display specialized information to different contact groups depending on their traits. For example, when sending mailing about a summer sale, women and men in your database can see different promotional banners.

Personalized Placeholders

Allows you to use contact data to address your customers directly by name and create an atmosphere of familiarity around your mailings. With personalized placeholders, you can quickly create stock messages that will nevertheless look and feel personal to every individual customer.

Dynamic 1-to-1 Content

Allows you to use the behavioral and transactional data of your customers to create offers perfectly tailored specifically to them. This can be used to save abandoned carts, up-sell and cross-sell, retarget, and more. With dynamic content, your emails will always grab attention because they will contain exactly the offer your customer wants to see.

Machine Learning and AI Recommendations

is an alternative method of generating personalized content that lets you create offers based on the behavior of other customers. This way you can send personalized emails even to contacts whose behavioral data is sparse and suggest products other users have found attractive.

SALESmanago Email Marketing capabilities for everyone

  • Intuitive email and newsletter creator
  • Free library of responsive templates
  • Import contacts and mailing lists
  • Import ready-to-use newsletters from ZIP archives
  • Mailings to customer groups and segments
  • Test mailings and A/B tests
  • Autoresponders
  • Personalization based on personal data
  • Time limits on mailings
  • Automated opt-in, opt-out and double opt-in features
  • Mailing date planning and serial mailings
  • Hard and soft bounce detection
  • Automated removal of bad addresses from your database
  • Email deliverability monitoring
  • Reports on opened and clicked mailings
SALESmanago Email Marketing capabilities for everyone

What distinguishes the SALESmanago
Email Marketing from
other Email Marketing solutions?

Email Marketing

With SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform, you will get a much broader picture than just simple information on opened and clicked emails. After each mailing, SALESmanago will comprehensively track the behavior of each contact on your website. Next, the system will inform you of each new visit and the specific interests of a particular contact from your database.

Personalized, automated one-to-one email dialogues. SALESmanago facilitates complete communication cycles with particular prospects recorded in the database based on their behavior in response to specific mailings, behavior while visiting your website or interaction with the sales team.

Automated behavioral segmentation based on the contact’s behavior on your website. SALESmanago performs automated segmentation of contacts by looking at which products and services featured on your website have attracted your contact’s interest as well as the time of repeat visits.

Unique email personalization possibilities (Personalization 3.0). With SALESmanago Marketing Automation solutions, each prospect may receive an email with the name of the product they viewed on your website displayed in the message title. This method dramatically increases the effectiveness of your mailings.

The right content is sent to the right person at the right time. Thanks to the behavioral profile of your contacts and information concerning the time of visit to the website, SALESmanago will automatically deliver tailored content and offers to particular prospects when they are potentially interested in purchasing your product.

Complete knowledge about one particular contact is compiled in one location. The SALESmanago Marketing Automation system consolidates complete knowledge about each prospect and the history of email messages sent, opened and clicked, but above all, it compiles data concerning visits to your website and the contact’s scoring, which allows you to precisely address your product offer to the most valuable prospects.

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