The SALESmanago Marketing Automation System is based on the latest global technological solutions. Only such approach guarantees highest efficiency and reliability of the system.

Technologies used in SALESmanago system

  • Java Enterprise Platform – high stability of the system
  • NonSQL – modern and scalable database solutions
  • Multi-level architecture – efficient load balancing
  • Data redundancy – safety of stored data
  • Custom server infrastructure to send emails – high speed and delivery rate
  • Colocation of application servers in 3S Data Center

3S Data Center  services are delivered 3 independent centers, class TIER III of a total area of 2.675 square meteres located in Katowice. Objects are connected by a redundant 10Gb/s network and connected to 2 independent power lines, which in turn are secured by additional power generators. All 3 locations are equipped with modern fire protection solutions, air conditioning systems based on ice water and free cooling technologies, surveillance and monitoring systems operating 24/7/365 and the highest possible level of physical safety, according to regulations and requirements by GIODO.