SALESmanago Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

SALESmanago Marketing Automation
  • Engage customers anywhere they are using mutichannel automation campaigns
  • Create automation rules and define how to react on your customer's behaviors
  • Design complex, multivariant automation Workflows with simple drag&drop editor
  • Increase sales automatically by reminding customers about products visited or added to cart
  • Automate how your website will engage visitors with personalized dynamic content
  • Design lead nurturing programs and scoring to warm up your leads for sales process
  • Run customer activation campaigns with dynamically adjusted offers and discounts
  • Automate the campaigns you had to perform manually on daily basis

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Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Automation featured in our SALESmanago suite is based on automation rules. Using these rules you can automatically react to behaviours or profile changes identified for contacts recorded in your database. The rules enable you to execute simple actions, such as automated notifications and alerts regarding your prospects’ activity to be sent directly to your sales team. On the other hand, you can run fully automated, complex and advanced marketing campaigns thanks to workflows.

How automation works

  • Automation rules allows to perform certain marketing and sales actions based on specified criteria. With an intuitive wizard makes it easy to create simple automation processes that may consist of 3 elements:
  • Events – which is what you wish to react to automatically. SALESmanago offers you a full range of events, including: visit to your website, your email message being clicked on, adding a prospect to your marketing campaign, prospect’s scoring reaching a predefined value.
  • Conditions – which allow you to specify precisely the contacts for which the system should perform actions and the ones that require no response. One of the basic conditions is that a contact’s scoring has reached a predefined value or that the contact has been added to a particular marketing campaign.
  • Actions – which is where you specify what the system should do. Available actions include initiation of communication via the best-suited marketing channel, notification sent to the sales department or Call Center, transfer of a given contact within a company, moving the prospect between stages of the sales process or updating the contact’s card.
  • You can also set Alternative Rules, which are automatically triggered when some conditions are not fulfilled.
  • SALESmanago allows you to set up any number of automation rules and create comprehensive automated marketing processes leading your prospects from the moment of acquisition to the point of purchase.

How workflow works

  • A workflow is series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on a person’s behaviors or contact information. With workflows, you can plan and build a comprehensive marketing campaigns including the most advanced processes. Just as in the case of simple automation rules an intuitive wizard allows to create and visualize automation processes consist of 3 elements: events, conditions and actions.
  • Using workflow solution we can plan a series of automatic activities, that will increase your marketing and sales effectiveness. Thanks to workflows, It is possible to:
  • generate discount coupons
  • send personalized, directly referred messages based on behavior on the website
  • sent welcoming emails and SMS
  • update database deleting useless contacts or redirecting them to different campaign stages
  • simplify campaign process management and set various actions and conditions to achieve the goal
  • create multilevel structures for advanced function cooperation
  • Want to see how to set up the workflow proces? See the instructions HERE

Effects of implementation

  • By automating sales and marketing processes, companies save time they would have to spend performing these operations manually. Marketing teams who have chosen to take advantage of marketing automation can focus on key strategic processes.
    Companies working with Marketing Automation report:
  • 300 % increase in the number of contacts referred to sales teams
  • falling numbers of ignored leads: from 80 % to 25 %
  • 10 % increase in revenues owing to contact management automation only
  • in 63 % of cases revenue increases reported are higher that those of the company’s competitors

Building lasting company value through marketing processes

  • Using Marketing Automation the marketing team and the marketers’ involvement start generating a permanent value in the company. All activities are executed as processes permanently recorded in the SALESmanago system. This is how your company accumulates marketing knowledge and experience in the form of processes and data. Thanks to integration or the use of a CRM embedded in the system you can also start consolidating relevant sales knowledge. The company builds up a knowledge base containing valuable information regarding what works best and what does not work in sales and marketing, what optimum sales and marketing processes should look like and what prospective customers expect from these processes.
    The knowledge built in this way is becoming a long-lasting, important and extremely valuable capital for every company.

Customer Reference

„While implementing SALESmanago on our webshop we have worked closely with the support team and the project manager of SALESmanago. Thanks to the great know-how of Marketing Automation and the SALESmanago system and a excellent way of conveying this know-how to me, I have managed to implement solutions that help me come closer to my customers in real real-time and thus generating more sales. This could only be achieved thanks to the combination of system know-how and a great understanding for what makes commercial sense.”
Philip Nordfeldt, CEO – Data Talks

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