Command Center

Command Center sets a new UI standard for managing KPI-oriented multi-channel, and multi-functional marketing processes. Get a perfect view of everything that runs in your marketing

Command Center is a place to create and plan current marketing campaigns and manage all running processes in the system using a two-level view
It is possible to build not only complex marketing strategies but also thematic campaigns
Additional access to detailed analysis of sent emails, web push notifications, and text messages allows you to have full control over your business KPIs


Marketing Management Cockpit with a centralized view of all your marketing processes


a full understanding of what works effectively in your marketing strategy and what processes are covered


from an ad hoc and siloed way of running campaigns to building comprehensive KPI oriented processes


all available tools and channels to create advanced campaigns in two-level view


your campaigns by scheduling bulk messages and starting automation processes at a selected date


the entire flow of communication by simply putting different groups of marketing actions to your marketing calendar


the performance of entire campaigns and individual text messages, emails and web push notifications using the calendar view


with one central point to create and analyze your marketing activities targeting your customers at different stages in their purchasing-cycle


the advanced calendar to easily plan and oversee all of the scheduled marketing activities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

Create custom, occasional campaigns for specific days and develop marketing strategies that will increase all your - for example - holiday revenues!
Just drag and drop one of the system elements in a freely selected place
Cancel the sending of emails, text messages and web push notifications in the calendar view if you changed your marketing strategy last minute
  • Capabilities
  • Campaign module
  • Calendar module
  • Two-tier-view to plan campaigns
  • Centralized view of all processes and individual actions
  • Possibility to manage all processes from one place
  • Possibility to combine mass actions with automation processes
  • Possibility of combining many automatic processes into one campaign
  • A central place for analytics view of all the most important elements
  • Simple navigation through all planned processes
  • Create dedicated campaigns for contacts included in the program
  • A central point of system management
  • Easily plan, manage or cancel the sending of emails, text messages and Web Push notifications
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