SALESmanago story

Introduction: Why, What and for Whom we run SALESmanago

How we help marketing teams in eCommerce businesses

Company, People and Growth of SALESmanago business

The origins of the idea for SALESmanago, a software for marketing teams

Vision, Mission and the approach to running SALESmanago

Key Features

Customer Preference Center

New Menu

Command Center

Loayalty management program

Customer References

Oriflame & SALESmanago

Lightning Bolt & SALESmanago

eCommerce Marketing Challenges

eCommerce Marketing Challenges #1.

How to use

Custom modal designer

Live chat

Search enginge turbocharger


Power up your first party data

Effective branding to win in the marketplace

Your last best experience becomes the minimum expectation for the next on

3 Strategies to increse your sales

Data Enablement Framework as a foundation for Value Creation in CX

Social Media as a tool for selling in current world

BLIK - best UX in online payments

Omnichannel marketing in e-commerce customer journey

Ventis: The new way to open-banking