SALESmanago Integrations

Empower your marketing with customer data from all your favorite tools and platforms.

Connect all your apps and platforms

Connect all your apps and platforms which collect and process your customer data into a fully functional ecosystem. Get the most out of the customer knowledge owned by your company. Centralize it via one platform using ready to use plug-ins with external platforms, to make the integration process fast and effortless. You can also use our open API, so data can be exchanged with a number of systems or custom-made solutions.


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SMS gateways integrations

Mobile Marketing and text messaging go together like a horse and carriage. Enrich your omnichannel marketing. Reach users by sending them skilfully crafted, personalized and targeted text messages.

70+ integrations

The SMS gateway allows you to quickly and cost-efficiently send single or bulk text messages. With a large variety of SMS gateway operators, you can easily integrate gateways operating in your region to enjoy the best deals.

Social Media integrations

By integrating SALESmanago with social media platforms, you can use your customers' behavioral and transactional data stored in their 360º profiles to create and manage ad audiences.

A tool to locate and match your audiences from across the Meta network. Identify and target audiences using customer lists, website and app users, engagement and so on.

An online video-sharing website and social media platform. Over 1 billion videos are watched daily by a total number of 2.6 billion active users.

A platform and set of tools for watching and sharing videos. With over 200 million users, it’s the best website for high-quality content.

Integrations for Mobile Apps

Unlock full potential of your mobile app and engage its users. Use customer’s mobile device to deliver your 1:1 push notifications with offers anywhere they are. Track app usage, build dynamic behavioral segments and run truly omnichannel campaigns.


A mobile operating system designed for touchscreen devices, with over 3 million apps available through Google Play.

React Native

React Native is an open-source UI software framework created by Meta Platforms Inc. It is used to develop apps for Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows and UWP by enabling developers to use React framework along with native platform capabilities.


A mobile operating system created by Apple that’s designed for iPhones and iPads, with over 2 million apps available through the App Store.


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross platform apps for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia from a single codebase.

Google Analytics integrations

Use SALESmanago as a single platform to get all of the insights to your eCommerce. Intergrate it with Google Analytics that tracks and reports website traffic to create reports that provide insights into your business.