Social Media

Communicate with your contacts where they like to spend time. Schedule posts, create ad campaigns and acquire your fans’ contact data. Reach unknown personalization level in real-time custom audience building.

Social Media

Key Features

Use the information about your contacts to target them with tailored content on social networks and collect new leads into your database. Manage your social media campaigns from the same place as in other channels.

Automate conversations on Facebook Messenger with multi-scenarios Bot

Publish posts automatically according to your calendar

Collect when your customer likes, shares or comments your products

Synchronize leads generated on Facebook directly to SALESmanago

Create&Manage Facebook Ads directly from SALESmanago

Create Facebook Custom Audiences based on contacts segments in SALESmanago

Automatically deliver recommended products to individual customers and custom audiences

Respond automatically to product inquiries with SALESmanago Messenger Bot

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Social media

Social media are one of the most popular channels of communication with customers. They are characterized by an extremely large number of interactions and a relative ease of reaching a vast group of recipients. For an increasing number of companies social media are the main communication channel today. SALESmanago Marketing Automation supports operations on this channel too. Modern functionalities of our system allow you both to source new contacts and to track social events on your page.

Social Media Dashboard

Available features

Tracking user behaviours in the social media

Sourcing contacts from your fan page:

  • Free SALESmanago’s own application
  • Integration with contest apps from external providers
  • Tracking user behaviours in the social media:
  • Adding and removing comments
  • Providing access to the content of your website via
  • Facebook Tracking your prospect’s participation in contests

How to source contacts from Facebook?

To use the app you have created, each Facebook user has to provide their details – email and name. The data is automatically received by SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform, which is how we source new contacts. To get more contacts just encourage users to try your app. You can now add them to any lead nurturing program created in your SALESmanago account and approach them with your promotional activities

How to source contacts from Facebook

Effects of use

You gain access to an additional source of knowledge about your prospects’ interests

You can use social media as an additional source of new contacts and customers

You are able to convert fans into specific sales leads

You can use fan database to establish direct relations with every one of them.

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