Contact Import Wizard

Turn raw data into a fully functional contact database on your first attempt

Introducing the Contact Import Wizard: your smooth start to a CDP adventure. Import contacts effortlessly with innovative mapping and fail-safe mechanisms. Transform raw data into a bespoke, functional database. Gain independence from IT and optimize marketing efforts. Import, tag, and correct data quickly for remarkable results.

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3 steps to success with Contact Import Wizard

Get a smooth start to your CDP adventure

Focus on proper onboarding to the platform to quickly see an increase in conversions and revenue. Use innovative mapping and built-in fail-safe mechanisms to import contacts once only.

See results faster and optimize time and resources

Turn raw data into a functional database

Use the only Contact Import Wizard that allows you to easily and intuitively turn raw data into a fully functional database that is bespoke to your needs. Customize each import without changing the source file.

Get remarkable results with the right inputs

Gain independence from IT

Gain confidence in yourself and your results with a tool tailored to all marketing teams. This wizard has been built for people who don't want to rely on their IT departments. With full, error-proof, intuitive guidance, it allows you to transfer data to CDP and quickly enjoy a working database.

Be lean yet impactful

How does Contact Import Wizard work?

Bespoke Contact Import Wizard for marketing teams with extraordinary ambitions

Low-effort and high-impact contact import mechanism

Innovative mapping mechanism with error prevention

Full guidance throughout the process

No-code process for full independence from IT

Newest technologies offer unlimited possibilities to easily build up custom improvements

Maximize eCommerce revenue growth… the lean way