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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


8th of February, 10:00 AM CET

MarTech to Overcome Seasonal Challenges: PORTA’s Story of Success

The webinar will be hosted by Märt Jõesaar, Business Development at CRM Consulting and Katarzyna Wenglorz, Senior Customer Success Manager at SALESmanago.

Live Product Demo

Every Wednesday, 10:00 AM CET

The product demo will be hosted by our expert who will showcase the latest features of SALESmanago and demonstrate how our platform can help you automate your marketing efforts, generate more leads, and increase your revenue.

Introduction and first steps in SALESmanago

March 12th 2024, 01:00 PM CET

Lots of marketers are unaware that marketing can be easier, more efficient and less time-consuming. Let us show you how to accomplish this with SALESmanago Marketing Automation.

SALESmanago Masterclass for Partners

March 13/14th, 12:00 (CET)

If you want to elevate your mastery in effectively presenting SALESmanago to your customers participate in our monthly recurring sales training designed exclusively for our Partners. We will empower you with essential resources and knowledge to proficiently spark interest in our cutting-edge SaaS solutions.

Introduction to advanced SALESmanago features

March 29th 2024, 12:00 PM CET

Discover the latest and most advanced technologies that will help you better understand the behavior of visitors to your website. Learn how to use 100% of the possibilities offered by the SALESmanago CDP & Marketing Automation platform.