Website Automation

Automate displays of personalized 1-to-1 content in real time for anonymous and monitored website visitors based on their behaviors and transactional profiles to increase their engagement and improve conversion.

Website Automation

Website Automation allows you to program a website to:

increase sales conversion by supporting the purchase process with information about offers and recommendations dedicated to the client

acquire new contacts thanks to advanced personalization of forms and optimal display times

provide content that shortens the customer's journey and makes finding interesting offers easier

improve customer service processes using automatic, contextual chat initiation

How does it work?

Website Automation

Website Automation allows you to create advanced scenarios for delivering content on the site, such as:

  • displaying a popup and an exit popup
  • displaying web push forms
  • opening a live chat window
  • changing the text in the live chat bubble
  • executing JavaScript on the page

When creating a scenario, we configure the customer's set of features and behaviors on the page, which are the basis for presenting dedicated content.

Use Cases

Display popup

Customer retention

Display a popup that redirects to the promotion for users leaving the page who have not yet visited this tab.

Lead generation

Offer a discount on the first purchase for an anonymous user who returns to the site.

Open chat window with text

Increasing form conversion

Display content offering help completing the form if the client spent at least 20 seconds on it.

Increasing conversion

Offer answers to product questions when a user returns to the site and stays on it for a specified period of time.

Display text over the chat icon

Customer service

Offer help when the user displays the FAQ more than once in a given session.

Customer engagement

Suggest help with choosing a product when the user displays another product in a session.

Display web push forms

Acquiring consent for web push

Encourage users to receive notifications regarding a particular topic of webinars when the user displays a list of recordings from webinars/conference reports more than once or spends a specified amount of time on this tab.
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