Data Exchange

Data is today the most valuable fuel for the economy. SALESmanago Data Exchange allows you to export key data from the SALESmanago system to the external computing environment, where you can freely process and combine it with data from other sources.

Data Exchange

The use of SALESmanago provides computing power that allows:

conducting analysis of any large data sets without worrying about hardware requirements or the time needed for calculations

improving business efficiency by integrating data from the SALESmanago system with data from other sources (e.g. Google Analytics, DoubleClick, AdWords or YouTube, data warehouses, external BI systems)

flexible cloud processing, allowing for the secure storage of data and convenient work with it

How does this work?

Data Exchange

SALESmanago Data Exchange allows you to work in a cloud computing on data from the system, such as:

  • visits to the site from various sources,
  • transactions,
  • entire visit course.

Data can be exported at any time and with any frequency. You can copy them to your own structures or use in a dedicated project at any time.

Use Cases

Advertising effectiveness

Measure traffic value

By comparing data from AdWords, DoubleClick or YouTube with SALESmanago transactional analytics, you will identify campaigns that bring customers with the highest lifetime value.

Real-time efficiency

Based on customer behavior on the site, implement personalized campaigns optimizing the budget in the real time bidding model.

Business Intelligence

Broaden your perspective

Provide complete behavioral and transactional data for external analytical systems to better plan strategically.

Clear picture

Use presentation and visualization techniques to transform SALESmanago data into knowledge that allows you to increase the competitiveness of your entire enterprise.

Logistics management

Optimize supply chains

Find correlations between realized margin and procurement, storage costs and supplier selection.

Increase rotation

By forecasting demand and overtaking the competition, accelerate the rotation of products in the store.

Price analytics

Omnichannel sales

Investigate the impact of price on sales in various channels (store, marketplaces, offline).

Price adjustment

Adjust store prices to market trends and current data on competitors' prices in real time.
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