Lead scoring

SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform offers one of the most innovative lead scoring modules available in Marketing Automation tools. Scoring is simply the process of automatically assigning a particular number of points to a particular lead for any detected interaction between the lead and the company. Lead scoring builds up an objective measure of the lead’s engagement and readiness to purchase available in the contact card. Using lead scoring, you may give your sales force clear information as to the most promising leads to be contacted in the first place.

3 levels of scoring offered by SALESmanago Marketing Automation suite

  • Contact scoring – global scoring recorded on the contact card. It includes all behaviours scored by SALESmanago Marketing Automation system
  • Tag scoring assigned per lead – the system allows you to separately score tags on each contact card. Such scoring can offer very detailed rating of interest in a particular product or the entire segment.
  • Stage scoring assigned per lead – SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform additionally sums up points scored at each stage of your sales and marketing campaign. With this knowledge, you will be able to measure and react to changing lead engagement at particular stages of the process. Looking at how scoring changes at one stage you can decide to move the lead to the next one.

How do you build lead scoring?

The system awards scoring points on the basis of the following:

1. General scoring rules – these are the rules defined in the system settings, which relate to particular lead behaviours. Points are given for:

  • new visits to your website
  • new visits from ads
  • new visits from search words
  • clicking next link
  • opening an email sent from mailbox
  • opening an email from mailing campaign
  • clicking an email sent from mailbox
  • clicking an email from mailing campaign
  • ‘likes’ or ‘dislikes’
  • adding or removing a comment
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2.  Particular scoring rules – set and executed as automation rules enable you to add or deduct points for very specific behaviours, including:

  • visits to a particular website
  • opens and clicks on particular emails
  • visits from particular search phrases or sources
  • likes or comments posted for a particular object
  • visit to your company office or branch ( e.g. salon or outlet)
  • purchase
  • call center contact
  • shopping-cart drop
  • live chat interaction
  • mobile application download and use
  • participation in webinars or question asked during a webinar
  • numerous other events monitored by SALESmanago

Effects of use

Using lead scoring in Marketing Automation platform you can more effectively automate your sales and marketing activities and control them with regard to the actual engagement of every lead. Our users can also set a maximum score which, if reached, defines the lead as ready to purchase, after which the lead is automatically transferred to a dedicated sales rep. Lead scoring can boost your ROI on Lead generation to 200 %.