Online & Offline data integration

Automate communication based on transactions from stationary and online stores

Data integration

All customer transactions in one place

Integrate transaction data from e-commerce, POS and transaction systems to better understand your customers and their shopping preferences. Use the knowledge of all purchases and create dynamic customer segments to fully adapt your communication to their activity and automate messages based on their transactions even more precisely.

Use Online & Offline data to:

  • build a complete, 360° customer profile
  • generating 1-to-1 and AI & Machine Learning product recommendations
  • create dynamic customer segments that group contacts in real-time based on their purchasing activity
  • support the ROPO and inverted ROPO effect
  • react to a changes in purchase activity thanks to RFM automation
  • raising service standards in a stationary store, by displaying the customer's behavioral profile on the POS screen

Areas of use

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