Big Data Marketing

Big Data Marketing is a new marketing concept. All actions in this area result from analysing large packages of quickly generated data – Big Data. As the analysis is performed in real time, all Big Data Marketing activities are triggered on an ongoing basis and are consistently based on the most recently updated customer information. This dynamic combination of customized communication and content with the customer reality enables you to provide your customers with what they exactly need at this particular moment.

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Features supporting Big Data Marketing

  • Real-time tracking of prospect behaviour on your website
  • Collection of data received from CRM, CDP, ERP, BI and loyalty schemes
  • Tracking of prospects activity in social media
  • Analysis of collected information in near real-time o personalized one-to-one communication with your prospects using the best suited channel.

Effects of SALESmanago operating in Big Data Marketing

  • Identification and selection of a group of most promising prospects
  • Segmentation of recipients based on their interests
  • Delivery of customized content to a particular recipient at the right moment, using proper communication channel

Another very important effect of actions from the category of Big Data Marketing is linking each new contact with a series of marketing actions on the one hand, and their behaviour with the final effect on the other. In this way you get a full picture of your activities and a useful insight into their effectiveness. As well as this, you will be able to calculate ROMI for all campaigns that have been run.

To sum up, Marketing Automation platform sources, accumulates, analyses and responds to data coming from a number of independent sources. This allows you to make the best use of everything Big Data Marketing has to offer. The key advantage of this functionality of SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform are the automated reactions to behaviours of indivudual users and the possibility of reaching them with a personalised offer at the most favourable moment. Last but not least, with the use of Marketing Automation platform, you can verify how effective and financially justified your actions are.