SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning & AI

Traditional Marketing Automation cliche “Right offer to the right person at the right time” with SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning & AI sounds much more clever and it goes “Right offer to the right person at the right time in the right channel”.

SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning & AI is an advanced self-learning algorithm that analyzes the behavior of individual customers, predicts future purchases. Then it sends personalized product recommendations according to what the algorithm deems most likely to be bought.

This cutting-edge Marketing Automation tool provides insight into customer purchase history, buyer’s journey, and analyzes the way products correlate in categories, allowing for highly engaging and eye-catching offers to be delivered to individual customers.

Next generation predictive marketing based on self-learning algorithms

The technology of Machine Learning & AI Marketing is based on two recommendation models. Each is optimized to support a specific marketing approach. For inbound marketing – affinity analysis (or the so-called Inbound Predictive Marketing) and for outbound marketing – behavioral analysis (the so-called Predictive Outbound Channel). Used in tandem, the models enhance both inbound and outbound marketing activities.

The mechanism of affinity analysis relies on sophisticated algorithms used in association analysis. By thoroughly analyzing transaction data and correlations between specific products and in categories, they calculate the optimal combination of items in each offer. After the resulting data is parsed and modeled, a frame with product recommendations can be shown to each customer. In addition, the use of metadata makes it possible to instantly react to changes in customer preferences.

The Marketing Automation system can employ machine learning to compare predictions from product association analysis for end customers on an ongoing basis. Then it assigns scoring to each given recommendation in order to indicate how likely that product is to be bought by individual customers. Moreover, by updating product exclusion grids, the algorithm ensures that products are not recommended to customers who already bought them.

Predicting Customer Journey models and AI-driven recommendations

SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning & AI module can automatically select appropriate products for each customer and recommend the best possible way of communication with them based on their Customer Journey. Moreover, the Marketing Automation system stores information on the behavior of anonymous website visitors, allowing the content to be personalized even for unidentified contacts. This means that all customers are subject to analysis of their Behavior Mechanisms.

New Outbound and Inbound predictive Marketing – Predicting channel and time of personalized offer delivery

Inbound and outbound marketing activities greatly benefit from the additional information gained in the process. The knowledge on which products or categories are currently sought after the most, as well as which communication channels result in highest conversion rates, it is possible to focus on efficient solutions and optimize marketing expenditures. What is more, knowing exactly when and how customers act, helps to choose the perfect time to deliver a sales pitch and strengthens relationships between you and the customer. This entire process is what we call “Predicting Customer Journey & Behavior Mechanisms”.

Business benefits

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  • Impress your customers with personalized product offers
  • Access detailed transaction data analytics
  • Get real results and grow your sales by adjusting your marketing to what consumers want to see
  • Achieve the maximum customer lifetime value in each case
  • Streamline your marketing budget
  • Find out which products and categories are the most successful
  • Learn about your customers’ individual preferences and predict their next purchase

Customer Reference

„Support from Project Manager helped me a lot ! My PM is very patience with me explaining in details everything I needed and saved me a lot of time! Without this willingness to help I wouldn’t use Sales Manago as much as I do now because I don’t have time to watch all the video tutorials or to read the articles. I needed a solution to my issues now, and support gave it to me. I am extremely grateful for that help and it is a real pleasure working with my PM. Co-working with my support team improved a lot my satisfaction from the product.”
Valentina Makarestova, Marketing Manager, Balkan Services