SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Yves Rocher Case Study

Yves Rocher boosts email efficiency by 1200% with personalized, dynamic offers, and increases the number of new leads with a personalized offer of product sets presented on the website.

Customer of SALESmanago Marketing Automation - Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a leading European producer of natural cosmetics. The company enhances the quality of its products: they are tested on a regular basis and upgraded constantly. Yves Rocher performs over 6000 tests yearly. The brand sells its cosmetics in Poland since 1991, and their popularity grows year after year. Since then, 104 new brick-and-mortar stores were opened. Yves Rocher products can be bought via 3 channels: online store, brick-and-mortar store, and by telephone (mail order after telephone consultation).


By implementing Marketing Automation, Yves Rocher wanted to boost online sales, to streamline the acquisition of new customers from website visitors and to differentiate offers, regarding customers’ transactional history.

The following goals were set:

  • increasing new leads acquisition and website traffic,
  • lead segmentation based on items they viewed and performed transactions,
  • email offer personalization,
  • website offer customization,
  • building brand awareness and long-term relationships with customers.


Yves Rocher focused on personalized email 1-to-1 communication and website recommendation frames.

SALESmanago solutions used:

  • Database segmentationSALESmanago system allows contact segmentation by adding tags, so Yves Rocher’s customers are divided to proper categories, like “new contact,” “newsletter subscriber,” “buyer,” etc. The more detailed segmentation is made inside those groups. Such practice helps to decide which offer should be sent to the particular client.
  • Lead Nurturing – The automatic welcome email cycle gives new leads brand tutorial by delivering them educational content about the company, its philosophy and natural cosmetics the company makes. This cycle is informational and onboarding.
  • Contact forms and integration with CMS – Thanks to website contact forms integrated with SALESmanago , the company gets not only leads’ email addresses, but also their date of birth and other data that can be used to personalize communication (personal information, gender, location).
  • Dynamic 1-to-1 emails and abandoned carts recovering – A person who visited the website but didn’t purchase anything receives an email with a customized discount coupon and the offer for products of interest. Moreover, a customer with items in a shopping cart, who never made it to payment, receives an email reminding of the abandoned cart content.
  • Birthday emails – Yves Rocher sends birthday messages to people who celebrate their birthday on a daily basis, regarding recipients’ gender – customers receive not only wishes but also discount coupons for male/female products.
  • Website recommendation frames – Frames present sets of products, like shampoo + conditioner, with the information about combined purchase discount. Offering cosmetics sets increases shopping cart value.
  • Dynamic pop-up – Pop-up content depends on users’ engagement level (i.e. how many times user visited website before) and offered products are picked from the frequently viewed (by this person).


  • 1200% growth of email efficiency thanks to dynamic messages (compared to the bulk product communication),
  • birthday communication efficacy 200% higher than standard mass email campaigns,
  • average OR for dynamic email grew by 50% and CTR – by 15%,
  • 30% of new users buys the suggested products set displayed on dynamic banners when making the first purchase.

Options for further development