SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Dynamic one-to-one emails


Dynamic one-to-one emails are one of the most innovative and technologically advanced functions provided by SALESmanago Marketing Automation. The system generates individual messages for particular recipients on the basis of their current behavioural and transactional profiles. Such emails will therefore contain information about products or services perfectly matched with the current needs of recipients. Sent at the optimum time, these specifically targeted offers prove to be much more effective than mass mailings as with this mechanism your prospects receive the information that is of interest to them at the same time as they are looking for a given product.

How does the one-to-one email mechanism work

1. The system tracks users’ behaviour on your website and creates their individual behavioural profile, which may be supplemented with any transactional data available.

2. In the next step, the system will select from the database of all available products the ones that best match the current needs of the recipient and will add them to a message template.

The message could contain products:

  • viewed by the customer during the last visit
  • viewed by the customer any time in the past
  • purchased by the customer
  • matching other products the customer has purchased
  • recently repriced
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3. The email is automatically sent at a carefully selected moment. The sending time may be chosen on the basis of:

  • the user’s activity on your website, e.g. 3 hours after the visit
  • any other activity identified by SALESmanago
  • periodic character of purchases
  • at regular intervals
  • following a request from a specific group of recipients

Who are dynamic one-to-one emails designed for?

For practically every online seller whose range of products or services is so large that the sales team are not able to prepare email messages related to particular products individually for each customer. SALESmanago Marketing Automation addresses this problem by tracking the behaviour of each customer and generating a tailored offer for currently available products.

Effects of use

Each customer begins to receive information on products they are interested in at a given moment. This will have a direct impact on your mailing campaign statistics like OR and CTR. See below the results of implementing this mechanism based on a study of SALESmanago Marketing Automation users:

Personalized e-Mails effectivenes

Much higher open and click-through rates prove that your offer has been properly customized. This in turn means higher conversion rate – you earn much more and at the same time you save the time needed to prepare traditional offers sent as emails. Below you will find compared effects of traditional and dynamically personalized mailings: