SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Vox Case Study

Meble VOX effectively combines online and offline sales. Dynamic 1-to-1 emails increased conversion by 100%, and automatic messages with the interior design created by the user in the online app boosted the number of customers coming back to brick-and-mortar stores for consultations by 22%.

Customer of SALESmanago Marketing Automation - Vox

Meble VOX is a furniture and decorations producer, who earned recognition with its original design solutions. The company has over 100 stores in Poland and more than 40 abroad. Their furniture is exported to many European countries and the USA. They also conduct online sale on


The company looked for solutions to close sales effectively by encouraging customers to visit brick and mortar stores and using the website to improve the quality of consults in brick and mortar stores.

The following aims were set:

  • Increasing retention of customers of brick and mortar stores and maintaining customer’s interest after the visit
  • Encouraging customers of an online store to participate in face-to-face consultations in the brick and mortar stores
  • Providing consultants with key information about customers’ interests
  • Increasing efficiency of email marketing campaigns


Meble VOX implemented SALESmanago to integrate the system with VOXBOX, an interior design app. Combining two systems encouraged users to visiting physical stores and closing transactions, thanks to precise personalization of messages sent after visiting online store.

The following solutions were implemented:


Thanks to sending the project designed in the app both to users and to stores, and due to dynamic 1-to-1 messages, VOX increased sales. Effects prove how successfully both online and offline channels are handled:

  • 20% of all customers were acquired with VOXBOX app integrated with SALESmanago
  • Dynamic emails showed 400% higher OR when compared to traditional emails,
  • Dynamic emails showed 1200% higher CTR when compared to traditional emails,
  • Conversion rate for dynamic emails sent after visit increased by 100%, Conversion rate for customers using the app – 22,5%

Options for further development

  • Integration with Facebook Custom Audiences: targeting Facebook ads according to behavioral segmentation and tailoring ads to groups interested in a given product
  • Personalized SMS: reminding about a possibility of consultations in physical store or about an upcoming visit
  • Dynamic banners: displayed on a website and generated basing on customer behavior (also on unwanted actions, such as abandoning the shopping card or quitting the project)

“The cooperation with SALESmanago included solutions that initiate and close the sales process. Using dynamic emails facilitates and standardizes interactions with customers. It also allows to monitor customer behavior online and provides solid data on handling ROPO effect.”
Maciej Syroczyński, E-marketing & E-commerce Manager Meble VOX