Deliver always perfectly tailored content


Use SALESmanago personalization features

Use data gathered on 360 customer profiles to personalize your marketing campaigns and bring the entire sales process to 1-to-1 level. Address your customers directly to get their attention and astonish them with content perfectly matching their past and present purchasing habits. SALESmanago lets you always deliver the best fitting offer at the right time and in the most preferred channel.

Personalize communication across the entire customer journey


Adjust the content received by your customer based on the user data

Our system collects data from a multitude of sources, creating a 360 view of your customers. Each step of their journey is monitored and analyzed in detail to be fed back into your marketing campaigns. You can see which products and methods of communication your customers are interested in. With this information, you can tailor your messaging to individual customers, they will receive only information about what they’ve already shown interest in. This process can be automated and as new information is gathered in real-time, your customers’ profiles are constantly updated, making sure that they will receive a perfectly personalized offer.

Address your customer directly

The system stores personal data of your customers such as their name, age, gender, address, or any information you collected in your CDP or ERP systems. This allows you to address each and every one of your customers directly and personally, making it easy to conduct personalized mass marketing campaigns.


Use additional communication channels to deliver the message

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one method of communication. Various channels such as emails, SMS, or web push can be seamlessly combined to conduct truly omnichannel campaigns, creating an all-encompassing consistency of messaging, no matter which communication channel your particular customer is receptive to. SALESmanago measures the engagement in messages sent via different channels and predicts which of them will be the most effective for each individual customer.

Deliver the message always at the best time for each recipient.

Messages and notifications sent to your customers can be delivered in the time of their highest activity, to increase the probability of them being online when your campaign reaches their inboxes or devices. The system collects the information on the time the customer is browsing your site, react to your communication, and buy at your store. Automation enables you to send messages triggered by the customer’s actions, so you can immediately react and make sure they will get your offer when they are still interested in it.


1-to-1 Dynamic Content

SALESmanago can generate individual messages for particular recipients based on their behavioral-and-transactional profile. The feature is tracking all the visits to the website along each specific junction in real-time and delivers suitable information right away. The system identifies the website visitors and mobile app users, showing them content based on the products they browse, add to cart, or buy.

The 1-to-1 Dynamic Content is utilized to:

  • save abandoned carts the content is optimized based on the products left in the cart in order to make the customer finalize the purchase
  • product retargeting you gain the ability to display offers tailored to visits of a specific user and can automatically start/stop campaigns depending on the results
  • cross-selling offering supplementary products to the viewed/bought products
  • up-selling recommending higher quality products or product enhancements to the product the customer browsed or bought

AI Product Recommendations

SALESmanago uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms and an AI engine to analyze the behavioral and transactional data of all your users to establish broad purchasing patterns. The system can recommend your customers with the products other users of your store found appealing, based on similarities in interests, purchasing history, location, the timeframe of their activity, and more.


Deep Behavioral Profiling

This unique feature lets you track any customer interaction with the product in the store that is not based on the change of the URL address, such as zooming and changing product images, picking up color or size, reading reviews, checking availability in the offline store, etc. All these interactions are saved as preferences on specific product attributes the customer is looking for and are used to create more accurate product recommendations. Each customer’s interaction with the product increases the product scoring and lets us build the ranking of the most interesting products for each customer and in the entire store.

Areas of use

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