SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Real-time content personalization

The module enabling tracking visits to your website in real-time delivers information on current behavior of users who are visiting your web page at this particular moment. This functionality of SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform is available for both identified and anonymous users. In this way, you can now respond to the needs of your prospective customers and adjust the message delivered not only via the website, but also communicated by call centers, your sales team or via RTB network.

Available features

1. Contact forms adjusted to contact profile

The form normally appears as a pop-up window; its content and the timing of display may be ideally adjusted to the contact’s profile. The form may be displayed while the contact is still on your website.

2. Systems of recommendations on websites

Using the same tracking mechanism you can automatically display as recommended the products and services that are best matched to the visitor’s profile. With SALESmanago Marketing Automation matching these products to a particular prospect is exceptionally easy and always based on up-to-the-minute visitor information, which makes the match even closer.

3. Customizable banners

The option of displaying various content within one particular banner is nothing short of exciting. Depending on individual profiles, users visiting a given website can see personalized content tailored specifically for them. You can automatically recommend downloading an ebook adjusted to the visitor’s interests. This also applies to various supplementary materials, recordings, webinars, courses etc.

4. Automated emails and SMS

Now you may initiate sending messages in response to real-time behaviors of your contacts. This means that in the case of prospect behaviors defined as critical for the sales process you can act immediately by sending an email or text message from the Marketing Automation platform to a particular prospect. Such a message will reach its recipient at the right moment and its content will be adjusted to the behavior of this particular person.

5. Automated alerts and notifications for call center and sales teams

Various behaviors of your contacts may trigger real-time alerts to be sent to your sales department or call center requesting contact with a particular prospect. Besides alerts, you can also send ongoing notifications on behaviors of contacts assigned to a particular member of your sales team. This will give them the most up-to-date knowledge about their own contacts.

6. Personalized advertising campaigns in RTB networks

The Marketing Automation system enables the user to automatically adjust the content displayed in RTB advertising networks. Particular behaviors of anonymous and identified contacts on a target website may trigger or disable specific messages displayed in the advertising network. In this way you are able to individually tailor the advertising message to a particular prospect on any website available on the Internet.

7. Personalized content in mobile applications

An increasing number of people use mobile applications offered by various companies. This is yet another place where you can freely adjust the displayed content to particular users. Now, with the use of Marketing Automation platform you may run personalized one-to-one communication based on the current profile of your prospects and their interests also in mobile applications.

Effect of use

Real-time personalization of content means that at each point of contact between the customer and the company’s content the former will get a fully personalized message containing information they will find interesting. This is how you replace traditional communication strategies based on isolated channel with a modern point-of-contact communication through various channels and on various platforms. Thanks to this solution, your marketing campaigns will become dynamic. They will also start imitating authentic dialogues between the company and every prospective customers interested in its products. Major benefits:

  • personalisation of each point of contact between the customer and the company
  • advertising message precisely adjusted to real interests of particular persons
  • advertising campaigns matched to the needs of individual customers
  • higher conversion from marketing activities
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