SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


SuperMemo Case Study

SuperMemo World increases click through rates by 6000% and conversions by 135% thanks to customer`s behavioral segmentation and by sending personalised dynamic emails with offers tailored to user`s profile and interest.

Customer of SALESmanago Marketing Automation - SUperMemo

SuperMemo World is delivering a convenient and effective solution for self-study, based on unique SuperMemo repetition optimizing method. The company is keeping pace with fast-developing technologies, and is sharing language courses on Android and iOS mobile devices, also via website The company has been running for 25 years already, being active on every important book, language and new technology trade fairs like London Book Fair, Frankfurter Buchmesse, BETT, Online Educa.


SuperMemo World wanted to increase the efficiency of acquiring new clients and start to target their content precisely to the interest of recipients by using marketing automation.

  • Heavy website traffic with dissatisfying conversion rate,
  • Variety of available products – need for matching the content to the wide spectrum of recipients,
  • Necessity of contact segmentation based on product interest rate.

Implemented Solutions:

  • Dynamic email after website visit – after visiting SuperMemo website, given contact receives an email presenting the exact products he was browsing through, and also products related thematically – same category, language, proficiency level, similar price.
  • Client behavioral segmentation – an automatic contact segmentation based on browsed category and courses offers bookmarks – while taking the type, level of difficulty, and length of the course into account – which allows for matching the content to one’s interests.
  • Shipping surveys and tests – sending surveys and tests that help contact in checking what kind of learning method is best suited for him.
  • Periodic newsletters – clients, who have signed to the newsletter, receive an offer with novelties together with products from last month.
  • Sales mailing – sales and special offer emails engaging into using specific offer: e-learning or remote tutors.


SuperMemo World, thanks to cyclic and dynamic emails noted increased the efficiency of email marketing:

  • 6000% rise in the dynamic email CtR compared to static newsletters,
  • 913% rise in the dynamic email OR compared to static newsletter,
  • 135% rise in the conversion rate of automatic mailing compared to standard sales mailing.

Options of further development:

  • Facebook integration (Custom Audiences) – gaining new contacts in social media; integration with FastTony.
  • APPmanago for mobile application – monitoring clients’ activity in mobile app in order to build full behavioral profiles.
  • Implementing a Lead Nurturing campaign – cycle of educational messages directed to new contacts, with learning advices.
  • Starting automatic birthday emails, which helps to build good client-company relationship.

“Our co-operation with SALESmanago was very successful since the beginning. Implementation was done within few days, while consultants were helping us in database segmentation and setting up the rules of automation. Taking advantage of dynamic emails was a huge progress. Its effectivity was already visible after few days of launching the rules and preparing the messages. With all certainty, it’s worthy of sparing a moment to implement this type of mailing from the beginning.”
Krzysztof Kubiak, E-marketing specialist