SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Rainbow Tours Case Study

Rainbow Tours increases lead generation from the website by 45% thanks to personalized contact forms to anonymous users, and raises conversion rates on email marketing by 400%.

Rainbow Tours is a leading tour operator in Central Europe with monthly users on the website reaching 1 mln. The company used to apply marketing actions such bulk newsletters, display remarketing and traditional contact forms on the website, but needed new tools to address the shift in customer behavior.


One of the main challenges was to fully empower the possibilities connected with online sales processes and to cut high costs of selling services via traditional agent’s network. To encompass that, the following issues needed to be addressed:

  • global transformation in customer behavior and habits: online research became a crucial part of buying process causing lead leakage following large advertising campaigns in traditional media,
  • unsatisfactory amount of leads generated via website, especially when compared to high traffic,
  • falling effectiveness of traditional e-mail marketing strategies used by Rainbow Tours,
  • big number of anonymous users, browsing the website but refraining from filling in contact forms,
  • need to increase retention and purchases of loyal customers.


Rainbow Tours decided to implement SALESmanago Marketing Automation Platform and to focus on changing the way they convert the users visiting their website and to implement a whole new process of e-mail retargeting.

SALESmanago solutions used:

  • Digital Body Language – users’ identification and advanced analytics of their behavior based on, among others, source of a visit, content viewed, materials downloaded and keywords. Such practice allows to determine with great precision what given person searches for.
  • Dynamic 1-to-1 emails – smart e-mail retargeting, 1-to-1 messages with product offer matched to user’s interest, behavior on the website and history of previous transactions which were sent to the customers from Rainbow Tours after visit which has not ended in a Conversion.
  • Anonymous Marketing automation solutions – these possibilities were implemented in two processes:
  • 1. Displaying personalized contact forms to anonymous users on the website – contact forms were displayed to anonymous users after the visit score reached certain level and potential customer was properly profiled. The contact form displayed already had: personalized photo with desired destination and info about the true customer interest. What the customer needed to do was to only fill in the name, email address and phone number without the necessity of filling in the information about the interest.


The success of SALESmanago implementation can be seen primarily in growing percentage of sales which are made on website, and migrating the customers from the agent’s channel:

Options of further development

  • Constant optimization of automated, personalized 1-to-1 dynamic e-mail processes Developing synergy between brick-and-mortar stores and the website using mobile application (with advanced analytics and mobile marketing automation).
  • Implementation of SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Learning & AI – an advanced self-learning algorithm that analyzes the behavior of individual customers.
  • Implementation of advanced Next Best Offer Strategies.

SALESmanago saves time thanks to automation of email campaigns. Personalization and contextual matching gives the customer an impression that the offer is chosen for him by a dedicated specialist.”
Michał Jaworski, Rainbow Tours eCommerce Director