SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


NaviExpert Case Study

Thanks to email automation and personalization, Navi Expert increases the efficiency of email campaigns. CTR grows by 300% and OR by 280%.

Customer of SALESmanago Marketing Automation - NaviExpert

Navi Expert, established in 2005, delivers mobile navigation available in all mobile networks in Poland. The company also offers a free video registrator Rysiek that warns you against speed controls and solutions for business – monitoring and fleet telematics. The majority holding belongs to MCI Management.


Navi Expert wanted to improve communication with by precise content targeting. The additional aim was to use Marketing Automation for lead generation, building trust and increase loyalty thanks to email campaigns.

The following objectives were set:

  • Increasing the amount of customers who agreed to receive company offers and news
  • Building loyalty among users thanks to individual approach
  • Automating email campaigns
  • Automating service codes distribution
  • Using contact forms as a new communication channel
  • Creating user-friendly contest tools based on contact forms


  • Contact online behavior monitoring – Visitors behavior on the website is monitored and registered. Collected user information is stored and in such a way a compound user profile is built.
  • Growing the list with contact forms and contests – NaviExpert uses contact forms that send lead data to the system automatically, what dramatically improves the quality of the first conversation. The forms are also used for collecting users’ answers in contests.
  • Email personalization regarding source of lead acquisition – Contacts in SALESmanago system are segmented. It means that the message content is customized according to the source of lead acquisition – the contact form the user filled in.
  • Email personalization regarding individual driving style – The company builds stats for each user’s driving manner, what helps tailor the communication to his/her needs (all users receive messages related to how they behave behind the wheel).
  • Discount codes for subscriptionSALESmanago offers an easy way to deliver coupons to customers. When the company automated issuing coupons, customers get their ones immediately after filling in the form.


After the source segmentation, the efficiency of email campaigns grew significantly. The next step was to tie message sending to customer’s activity with automation rules.

Automation of coupons sending is used by NaviExpert on a regular basis during promotions when the system issues from a couple of hundred to several thousand personalized coupons. The whole process is based on SALESmanago.

  • Both types of emails: 300% CTR increase when compared to bulk mailings
  • Emails from automation rules: 280% OR increase when compared to bulk mailings
  • Emails to segments: 157% OR increase when compared to bulk mailings

As a result of the contest run on dedicated landing page:

  • 64% of participants agreed to receive offers and company news
  • 22% of participants who agreed used the service promoted with the contest

Further development:

  • More advanced personalization in emails to all customers
  • Combining automation and customization with social media using the integration with Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Automated remarketing with affiliate networks
  • Involving mobile channel

“Integrating NaviExpert with SALESmanago allows us to reach desired customers. Thanks to advanced segmentation of the target group, email automation rules and system user-friendliness we not only deliver the right content to the right people but also save time on manual email sending.”
Bernadeta Stożek, Head of Business Development