What does being
the top all‑in‑one ecommerce marketing platform
mean for us?
Customer Data Platform
Communication Execution
AI Driven Hyper Personalization Engine
AI Driven Hyper Personalization Engine
Ecommerce oriented Marketing Automation
Unique features
of the SALESmanago that distinguish us on the global market
Proprietary and coherent technology
No need to integrate with third-party applications as SALESmanago uses its own, native functionalities to provide the possibility to conduct multiple marketing activities from a single place. User experience is seamless as all system features are perfectly integrated and coherent.
  • easy access to all campaigns and results using a single account
  • comfortable and time-saving campaigns’ targeting and personalization with the use of 360º customer profiles
  • omnichannel automation based on own solutions and infrastructure
  • processing customer data by a single company (GDPR)
  • it’s more cost-efficient - you have all features bundled under one license and no additional costs for conducting marketing campaigns
Best time to value
SALESmanago enables marketers to conduct advanced campaigns and configure automated processes without special technical knowledge or need to develop dedicated functions to fit your business. Get first results in days, not weeks or months.
  • the system is rich in ready to use features that can be set up in the user-friendly interface
  • solutions that you implemented are tested well and optimized so you don’t have to design them from scratch and test them on your customers
  • our customer onboarding process is tailored to your business’ needs and priorities, so we are focusing only on what’s important
Our customers are building SALESmanago with us. We closely cooperate with our Customer Advisory Board to deliver the product which will answer to the needs of any B2C and ecommerce companies with special focus on the following verticals:
  • Beauty, Pharma, and Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Media
High-end technology
We have 10 years of experience in building an innovative, stable, and safe platform for your data using technologies such as Cassandra, Google Firestore, RocksDb, Google AI Platform, and Big Query data processing. We are a Big Data company:
SALESmanago processes almost 1 billion customer profiles and 40k events per second, all powered by Machine Learning and AI.
  • Almost 1 billion customer profiles
  • 40k events processed per second
  • 125 million emails sent daily
  • 1000 IP addresses monitored for highest deliverability
Constant development & a fast time to market
SALESmanago is systematically growing in new capabilities and technologies with new features and improvements every month. Our road map is filled with stunning, cutting-edge solutions. We guarantee our customers that they use and will keep using one of the most innovative platforms on the market.
Implementation process & dedicated support tailored to your business
You don’t need to learn the platform for months to use it. We are not delivering only the software but working solutions. You are getting an implementation plan tailored to your business priorities and KPI-s. Our dedicated specialist configures the platform for you, guides you through your first campaigns and processes, and always proactively works to guarantee your success in using SALESmanago.
Unique technologies
SALESmanago Copernicus - AI & Machine Learning SALESmanago Copernicus - AI & Machine Learning
Advanced recommendations engine that uses machine learning to process behavioral and transactional data and show perfectly matching products. Enables delivery of recommendations in all communication channels and customization of ready-made algorithms to ideally fit your needs and increase conversion.
AI Predictive Analytics AI Predictive Analytics
SALESmanago analyzes individual and collective transactional data and predicts Customer Lifetime Value, best communication channel, and the probability of purchase and churn. It adds new dimensions to the planning of your marketing strategy and communication processes.
Dynamic Segmentation Dynamic Segmentation
Allows you to immediately create and update groups of contacts in real-time that meet an extensive set of criteria at a given moment, including CDP, behavioral and transactional data
RFM Automation RFM Automation
RFM module enables to analyze purchasing behaviors, segment customers as well as automate marketing and sales processes based on transactional data. Every customer is analyzed and segmented in terms of Recency, Frequency of purchases, and Monetary spendings.
Deep Behavioural Profiling Deep Behavioural Profiling
Enables tracking of any interactions with the store and specific products. The solution allows you to track not only the list of products viewed by the user, but also information on all parameters he checked (e.g. shoe size, color, or brand). You are able to measure interest and personalize communication with customers based on what they are actually looking for.
SALESmanago Data exchange SALESmanago Data Exchange
Allows exporting key data from the system to the external computing environment, where it can be freely processed and subjected to advanced analyzes.
Omnichannel Workflows Omnichannel Workflows
Our Workflows are one of the most extensive solutions on the market. We offer the largest number of communication channels and the widest list of triggers, conditions and actions that make every ecommerce automation process configurable in minutes.
Cross Channel Revenue Attribution Cross Channel Revenue Attribution
SALESmanago’s approach for measuring sales attribution is based on complex analytics of all customer interactions preceding the actual purchase. The Cross Channel Revenue Analytics lets you understand what affects the initiation of the purchase process, what visit sources participate in the decision-making process and how the transaction is finalized.
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Check advanced use cases
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