What makes SALESmanago unique

What makes SALESmanago unique

SALESmanago is the second largest marketing automation platform used across Europe (according to Datanyze.com) and one of the most appreciated platforms in the world (Getapp.com #3 Marketing Automation Category Leader).
See what makes SALESmanago different from other marketing automation vendors:

RFM Analytics
and Automation

Segmentation and creation of automated actions based on customer`s transactional profile. Using data about recency, frequency of previous purchases and amount of money spent on performing the correct campaigns across channels.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Monitoring user in-app activity, building segments based on its behaviour and using geolocalization to deliver content with push notifications in best time thanks to integration with APPmanago.

Predictive product recommendations engine

Unique algorithms for adjusting the list of recommended products based on user`s behavioural and transactional preferences, including past activities.

Fully Customizable Dynamic Emails

Creating custom rules for building product recommendations for user’s dynamic emails. Use of a predictive engine or ‘define your own set of conditions’ function based on which products are displayed.

Fully Customizable Dynamic Website Content

Defining how, when and what content should be displayed to website visitors. Modifying fragments of the site and attracting customers with personalized popups or sidebars adjusted to customer’s profile.

Website Content Optimization

Performing A/B/X tests for contact forms, landing pages, dynamic product recommendations or popups and selection of only the best variant to get the best conversions.

Automatic Sales Chat

Help potential and current customers find the information they`re looking for by creating an automated sales assistant which will answer their questions and indicate products they seek on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Integrate your SALESmanago account with Facebook company profile to generate new leads in your database and reach your customers in other channels.

Precise Website Visitor Tracking

Track all customer`s actions on your website – visited URLs, buttons clicked, scrolled screens, displayed products and articles, watched videos, dynamic elements (calculators, forms, etc.). identifying user`s device, OS, internet network.

These features demonstrate our approach to personalized communication delivered in right time and channel, and make SALESmanago a unique platform in the marketing automation sector.

SALESmanago also offers standard marketing automation features like:

Email marketing

Website marketing

Mobile marketing

Social media marketing

Ad network integration

Contact management

Behavioral segmentation

Transactional segmentation


Sales funnels

Lead management

Lead scoring

Lead routing

Reports and analytics

ROI tracking

SALESmanago is a comprehensive omnichannel marketing automation platform which enables you to create effective B2C and B2B automated campaigns.