SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Cyfrowe Wydawnictwa Edukacyjne Sp. z o.o. (Digital Educational Publishing Ltd.) company’s Flagship is – an online service for parents. It’s a social platform for parents with small kids. The service, based on the user’s profile that is connected to a registered account, provides personalized products, articles, and ideas for spending quality time with the family. At the beginning of the visit, a visitor indicates their child’s age and a zip code of where they live together. The displayed content that is perfectly adjusted to kid’s age and parent’s interests. It contains interesting articles, toys offers, and information of local events appropriate for parents with kids in particular age. Moreover, the readers may find some discount codes here and there.

Client of SALESmanago Marketing Automation -

However, the traded items aren’t toys, spare time animation ideas nor baby products. The company sells advertising space on their website, and their clients are ad network providers and recognized brands willing to buy it, instead of website users.

Online advertising space is not exactly the same as a billboard on the main square of a big city – the location itself is not enough to demand a higher price. To make the surface attractive, it must be located on a page that:

  • is popular
  • has a high traffic
  • can convert traffic into leads
  • offers a segmented base of contacts with precisely named interests
  • allows clients to direct the real-time marketing message to the audience interested in the offered goods

As the goal of the company’s activities is not to sell to the users, but to stimulate their activity, to encourage interaction and active participation in the life of the service, the biggest challenge has been to create a customer base of the highest quality and the most precise interest-based segmentation. The company was looking for a method to convince anonymous users to leave their contact details and join the community.

The implementation of marketing automation has allowed for:

  • 20% conversion of leads acquired from contact forms to registered users
  • 400% increase in OR for personalized, automated emails, when compared to mass mailings
  • 900% increase in CTR for personalized, automated emails, when compared to mass mailings

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