SALESmanago Web Beacon


SALESmanago Web Beacon technology makes it possible to monitor the behavior of website visitors more accurately than ever. You can now track whether a user saw, pointed or clicked on interactive elements such as images, buttons, slide bars , etc. and use this data to generate more effective behavior profiles, lead scoring and segmentation.

SALESmanago Web Beacon delivers precise information about an individual website user’s behavior. Not only can you track the URLs that an individual visits, now you can connect the history of what the user saw, clicked and hovered their mouse over.

Advanced Behavior Monitoring

  • One page websites – It is becoming more common for websites to use one page layouts. On these pages, users do not click through to different URLs so it is impossible track contacts effectively with traditional methods. SALESmanago Web Beacon lets you track exactly where users scroll to and how they interact with other elements on the page.
  • Button interactions – You can integrate Web Beacon with any button on your website even if it performs on page actions that don’t change the URL address. You can monitor when visitors use on-page calculators, image galleries or any other interactive elements on your site of they download files.
  • Forms and calculators – Similar to button tracking, it’s possible to monitor changes in slide bar position and checkboxes. You can collect this information about an event if the prospect doesn’t continue and complete the form.

Effects of use

  • More accurate segmentation of your contacts
  • Enhanced contact scoring with new trackable behaviors
  • It is possible to track every detail of a contact’s activity on your site
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