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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Retail networks with eCommerce


Increased online sales, ROPO effect, geolocation of customers – Marketing Automation used in retail networks is much more than a simple ad displayed on the website. SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform can be integrated with other systems via API (like Beacons technology). For customers recognized by mobile app a dynamic ad is displayed right after entering a store and salesman will receive all information about previous purchase.

Online sales supported by dynamic website content and personalized e-mails, is an additional but important channel for any retail shop with eCommerce. SALESmanago Marketing Automation system is successfully used by cosmetics companies (Yves Rocher), shoes shops (Sizeer), jeweler (YES), bookstores (Matras, Merlin.pl), furniture (VOX, Balma) and many more.

Examples of use

Lead Generation:

  • Facebook contest apps, Facebook event tracking, custom audiences – Facebook ads targeting
  • Sidebars / pop-ups with newsletter subscription + discount codes sent in exchange for subscription
  • Real-time recommendation system
  • Dynamic banner ads displayed according to the contact’s activity
  • Progressive pop-ups displayed only for anonymous customers
  • Dynamic pop-ups for identified leads

Using the ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) effect:

  • Integration of fidelity cards with the SALESmanago discount system
  • Integration of mobile apps with behavioural data
  • Leads generated offline integrated into a separate Lead Nurturing strategy
  • Integration with systems recognising the presence of an identified customer in the retail store – Beacons technology

Dynamic email offers:

  • Dynamic email suggesting products viewed by a customer during the last visit
  • Dynamic email adapted to the customer’s entire visit history
  • Dynamic email suggesting products similar to the ones viewed by the customer
  • Dynamic email suggesting products complementary to the ones recently bought by the customer
  • Up-selling – a message presenting products that are more expensive and better than the ones the contact was interested in
  • Dynamic email subjects adjusted to the lead’s interests

Rescuing shopping carts:

  • Static email after abandoning the shopping cart
  • Static text message after abandoning the shopping cart
  • Personalised text message after abandoning the shopping cart, using personal data, information on gender, previously acquired discounts and transactional data
  • Dynamic email after abandoning the shopping cart, presenting items added to the cart and using data on previous discounts and transactions
  • A series of dynamic emails after abandoning the shopping cart, sent at defined intervals and offering increasing discounts

Newsletter personalisation:

  • Email content adapted to personal data, gender, place of residence, age and interests
  • Gender-based newsletter filters
  • Segmented messages sent to customer groups interested in specific categories of products
  • Classic newsletters with some degree of personalisation
  • Personalised message subjects