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Predictive marketing


SALESmanago Marketing Automation system provides access to a specialized module based on Big Data analysis allowing you to estimate shopping trends which you can use to automate your sales and marketing processes. The Predictive Marketing module, using transactional and behavioural data, enables you to automatically identify future shopping needs of your prospects and target them with tailored correspondence shortly before or at the time when the actual need arises.

What are the key applications of Predictive Marketing?

SALESmanago Marketing Automation consolidates transactional and behavioural data and analyses them. Therefore, relying on the history of purchases and the prospect’s behaviour on the website you are able to predict when they will need to repurchase a product that is likely to run out soon, buy extra consumables, purchase products extending features or extend current subscriptions for services they use. In addition, those customers who have already purchased a product tailored to their age are likely to need another one which will match their needs in the future. By analyzing their current purchases and the content viewed by them you can easily capture their purchasing cycles and anticipate future needs, whereas using automations, the system will send well-adjusted offers to particular customers at the right time.

Effects of use

  • Higher revenues from each acquired contact
  • Increased loyalty of acquired contacts
  • Automated planning and future mailing of offers matching your customers’ future needs.
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