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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Marketing Processes Wizards


Intuitive and user-friendly solutions to guide you through creation of automated marketing processes.

On SALESmanago main dashboard, you will find a set of creators that allow to easily design new Marketing Automation campaigns. You are lead – step-by-step, view-by-view – through a cohesive path, where you create new content, define the rules of display or sending, and at the end of the day get full statistics of a newly implemented campaign. It’s designed to enable everyone, even a person without any technical knowledge, to create an autoresponder, new Lead Nurturing campaign, run A/B/X testing of dynamic content or design and send a newsletter.

Email creator

Sending a newsletter in SALESmanago is a 3-step process. It starts with defining campaign’s name and designing or choosing the creation. You can choose from creations available in the system, create a new one in drag&drop creator or import a template (in .zip).

Then you define the basic parameters of the sending:

  • Subject of the message
  • UTM (to monitor campaign in Google Analytics)
  • Sender’s account (an email address from which the message is sent)

The next step is a preview. You can see how the message will look at recipient’s screen and send the test message to your email address. In the end, we address the message. There are several options for addressing available:

  • to individual contact, to segments or contact on to a given stage of the campaign
  • advanced contact filtering basing on previous messages and other data from behavioral profiles
  • determining the time of sending or adapting it to daily and weekly activity per each contact individually.
After sending the message, you will see its statistics on the last screen. Each step you make in the creator is saved automatically, so the system keeps each creation designed and sent.

Autoresponder creator

An autoresponder is one of the easiest and basic automation available in SALESmanago.How does it work? The system sends an automatic email in reaction to pre-defined contact’s action, such as subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an ebook. Creator leads you through all the stages of message creation and configuration. On the dedicated screen, you choose to which event you want to react and determine after which time you wish to send a message.

You might react to:

  • Adding new contact to the system
  • Opening an email
  • Clicking in the email
  • Adding contact to the segment (Tag)
  • Contact visiting a given URL of your website
  • Adding contact to the stage of the sales campaign

Creator of educational Lead Nurturing campaigns

Lead Nurturing is a vital process in B2B and emerging trend in e-commerce. This tactic means a different approach to newly acquired contacts: you start with sending them educational content that prepares them for purchase and delivers knowledge necessary to make a shopping decision. Campaign creator combines the features of two creators described above. It involves the following steps:

  • Determining when a campaign starts for a given contact
  • Defining the set of email messages
  • Defining the time between the messages

Creator of A/B/X tests of dynamic content

An innovative solution: prepare dynamic emails, banners (including frames with recommendations), landing pages and contact forms in a drag&drop creator. During the test, the system will display a couple of different creations in the same place for various users. Then the most efficient creation will be displayed. You can also display other campaigns after the test, defining the proportions in which each one should be displayed. You can also change the proportions of displaying creations in real time after the test. That way you can actively react to change of campaign’s results and display the most efficient at the given time with one click.

A/B/X Test Creator allows you to:

  • prepare creations to be tested in drag&drop creators
  • define the test duration
  • define the proportions in which test creations will be displayed during the test
  • define the proportions in which test creations will be displayed after the test
  • see the performance of each campaign in the real time in dedicated analytics panel


  • Possibility to create any number of messages, educational campaigns, autoresponders and A/B/X tests
  • User-friendly creators that lead you step by step through the process
  • Analytics available on dedicated dashboards
  • Saving time needed to prepare and run a campaign

Customer Reference

„Thanks to SALESmanago, we realize scenarios of dynamic solutions, which automate and support our system.”
Piotr Przybylski , Managing Director – Media Port Ltd.