SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Manufacturing companies


Marketing Automation helps identifying B2B visits, gathering brokers e-mail addresses or support sales department. Solutions for B2C/Retail and also popular in eCommerce dynamic content is a great way for companies with their own distribution network.

Manufacturing companies which successfully use SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform is a long one. Konecranes uses it to support sales and customer service departments, while Robobat uses integration with external CRM to support sales representatives. Marketing Automation system is used by optical manufacturers (MDT, Optotech), control systems providers (Archman), data storage and process centers (Queris), system and applications for business (Sage, Enova, Insoft Consulting, Streamsoft, DC), furniture (Balma, VOX), windows (Dakea), composite panels (WPC Kompozyt), wrappings (Arexim), specialized water cutting machines (Jet System), measurement devices (Mera) or label equipment (Unilogo).

Examples of use

Supporting call centres:

  • Call centre module providing telemarketers with real-time information about the lead (Real Time Tracking module)
  • Email alerts to customer service staff, alerts with contact details obtained through a contact form
  • Reports on the contacts’ behaviour
  • Providing telemarketing staff with suggestions on how to talk to institutional customers
  • Email accounts in proxy mode – monitoring outbound contacts of one’s own mailbox

Integration with transaction processing systems and CRM systems:

  • Synchronisation of transactional and behavioural data between SALESmanago and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in use
  • Parallel removal of opt-out contacts from client databases
  • Contacts entered by the CRM staff automatically added to SALESmanago
  • Information on the lead’s interest in an offer on a website transferred to the CRM system
  • Contact segmentation in SALESmanago based on the data coming from the CRM system

Lead Nurturing:

  • Programmes educating customers who are not yet ready to buy
  • Offer sent automatically to the customer and an alert sent to the sales staff when a given scoring level has been reached
  • Automated sales campaigns for leads showing initial interest in purchasing specific solutions
  • Dynamic and personalised website content (contact forms and content)

Lead Generation:

  • Progressive pop-ups displayed only for anonymous customers
  • Dynamic banner ads – displayed according to the tracked contact’s behaviour
  • Dynamic pop-ups for identified leads
  • Sidebars with newsletter subscription
  • Facebook contest apps, Facebook event tracking, custom audience – targeting Facebook ads using data collected through SALESmanago
  • RTB ads for leads leaving before a contact form is finished