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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Law firms and tax consultants


Knowledge about law, taxes and multitude of regulations is a precious one but only when you can reach new customers. SALESmanago Marketing Automation system gathers unique knowledge about potential customers interests. Lead Nurturing cycles of messages educate potential customers about law firm competence and build trust. SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform is successfully used by law firms (AIF Kancelaria) and tax consultants (Eurotax, MISP).

Examples of use

Lead Generation:

  • Lead generation through integrated contact forms
  • Progressive pop-ups displayed only for anonymous customers
  • Customer segmentation on the basis of the elements viewed and the time spent on the website
  • Dynamic pop-ups for identified leads
  • Sidebars or pop-ups with newsletter subscription
  • Dynamic banner ads presenting a specific service – displayed according to the tracked contact’s behaviour
  • Facebook contest apps
  • RTB ads for corporate leads
  • Alerts informing about a lead exceeding a certain scoring level and about their behaviour on a website
  • Email accounts in proxy mode – monitoring outbound contacts of one’s own mailbox

Automated email campaigns:

  • Lead Nurturing messages preparing the customer for using the services
  • A series of welcome messages after the customer’s subscription to a newsletter
  • Recurring messages
  • Segmented newsletters sent automatically after detecting the customer’s interest in solving an issue in a particular field
  • Dynamic newsletters – using the RSS feed in creating dynamic messages informing about new content on a website or containing sectoral information

Boosting direct sale:

  • Integrated call centre module sending priority leads, together with a complete behavioural profile and a conversation script
  • Alerts sent to sales departments after detecting the customer’s interest in an offer
  • Automated sales campaigns autonomously moving contacts to the next stage of the cycle when their interest rises
  • SMS reminders about meetings