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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Inbound Marketing


Marketing Automation is a tool supporting Inbound Marketing Automation platform. Identification and behavioural tracking of particular customers gives us information regarding what is of interest to whom and when. On the other hand, automation enables us to properly respond and automatically send a well-adjusted message via chosen marketing channel.

Features supporting Inbound Marketing

  • Tracking and identification of visitors to a website
  • Blog tracking and automated notifications about new posts sent to the blog’s readers
  • Download centre – automated access to materials once required contact details have been supplied
  • Automated initiation of communication at the most opportune time
  • Multi-channel communication including the following options :
    • e-mail marketing
    • sms
    • mobile applications
    • social media
    • call-center and direct selling
    • web page – dynamic content
    • personalized remarketing in RTB network
  • ROI and conversion analytics
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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a marketing concept based on attracting prospective customers to your company by means of high value content. To achieve this goal, particular users must be provided with the content they seek at the most opportune moment. All activities classified as Inbound Marketing aim to facilitate access to information prospective customers are seeking or to show them where such information can be found. Inbound Marketing is targeted at those users who are actively involved in search for information about products or services. Currently as much as 90 % of buyers seek information about online offers before making a purchase.

Effects of use

  • Up to 150 % increase in traffic to your website 6 months following the implementation
  • Increase in the number of leads generated by your website from 200 % to 800 % 6 months following the implementation
  • Increased sales volume owing to a larger number of better informed leads