SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Gaia Case Study

GAIA increases its sales by 33% and acquires 81% more new contacts thanks to dynamic emails and personalized marketing communication.

Customer of SALESmanago Marketing Automation - GAIA is an online shop selling female underwear. It`s dedicated for bold and modern women who appreciate both elegance and comfort. Gaia bra is a combination of the original design, classic models, comfortableness and romanticism. Based in Białystok, the company has been selling its products online since 2010.


  • Intense competition with other companies on the market – The company competes with the global brands, which long ago marked their presence on the market and which spend greater budget on marketing. As acquiring new customers is difficult, keeping the current ones is becoming a crucial part of the business.
  • Increasing customer loyalty – The character of the product allows repeatability of the purchases in the long time perspective. Ensuring good quality and good communication can encourage the customer to come back to the shop in the future.
  • Enhancing efficiency of marketing campaigns – Marketing communication must be strongly profiled so it can adjust to various preferences and requirements of customers. Despite of the limited amount of products, it is easy to choose wrong content and inadequate time of communication.
  • Increase in sales – Before applying marketing automation solutions, the sales activities were performed in a traditional way, meaning that it lacked personalization and the activities were aimed at the masses. The scope of possible solutions was broad and required suitable priorities so the first effects could be visible as soon as possible.


  • Contact forms for acquiring new contacts – Contact forms were implemented for every language version of the online shop which enabled subscription to newsletters and info on discounts. The contact form enables acquiring the data of customers who are interested in the offer.
  • Behavioral segmentation of customers – Each visitor on the website who is interested in various categories of products is assigned to a suitable segment. In this way, a further personalisation of content is possible.
  • Traffic generation by means of periodic multichannel communication – Newsletter subscription forms, the integration of contact forms on the shop platform and subscription to web push communication enable sending personalized offers to a great number of contacts within a few channels and generating the website traffic.
  • Dynamic offer adjustment to a customer – Customers receive offers which are adjusted to their needs – only for products available in their sizes. In this branch it is a key factor that decides on further interest, keeping the customer on the website and the conversion.


  • 33% increase in the amount of orders in the whole shop thanks to conducted campaigns
  • 43% increase in the average size of the shopping cart
  • 55% decrease in bounce rate thanks to adjusting the product to customer’s taste and size
  • 81% increase in the amount of acquired contacts thanks to the pop-up contact form
  • 200% increase in visits on the website due to the periodic multichannel communication

Possibilities of development:

  • Offer personalization on the website – There is a possibility of adjusting the products displayed on the website thanks to the information gathered on the contact card. It will make it easier for the customers to find offers on product available in their size.
  • Implementation of the birthday discount campaign – Customers will receive discount codes via email and text messages, which they can use in a special offer due to their birthday.
  • Integration of advertising campaigns within social media – Integration of Facebook and Custom Audiences facilitates precise targeting of ads at customers on the basis of their behavior on the website and their reaction on the received direct communication.

“Implementation of these solutions helped us to understand better our customers and adjust the way of presenting our offers. It resulted in the increase in sales. Thanks to the collaboration with SALESmanago, we know that our boldest and the most innovative ideas about personalization are possible and it’s possible because both sides are passionate about it.”
Piotr Funkowski, Marketing Manager in