SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Emred Case Study

Emred generates 200% more sales since SALESmanago implementation, improving CTR by 1500% and OR by 700% with personalized emails.

Customer of SALESmanago Marketing Automation - Emred is a digital marketing agency with 18 years of experience at the Spanish market, and SALESmanago leading Spanish partner to the development of SALESmanago in Spain. The agency operates in B2C and B2B markets, such as retail, fashion, beauty, services, industry and education. Emred aims at making SALESmanago the number one marketing automation platform at the Spanish market.


Emred showed a need to improve conversion, broken down to 6 areas:

  • Generate and qualify leads ready to purchase (SQL) SALESmanago licenses. Gathering information and segmenting them accordingly to make them able to present the added value proposals, specified to each potential customer and market.
  • The evolution of the buying process: customers now control 70% of the buying process. Emred needed to find an alternative way of sales to be able to control the negotiation process in order to finalize deals more effectively.
  • Content: there was a need for higher lead generation, among others by regular posts on their blog to increase their potential customers engagement.
  • Qualification: new leads should be qualified to set priorities for sales to close deals quicker.
  • Defining success metrics: Emred needed to know how to establish and define success for their monthly goals.
  • Tools: they needed an appropriate tool to meet the challenges above consistently and on regular basis.


Emred use SALESmanago as CRM and Marketing Automation tool to have an integral view of their contacts in general and to focus on the strongest leads. The emailing capabilities of SALESmanago favor great contact segmentation allowing them to send the right content to the right lead at the right time with simultaneous conversion growth.

  • Lead Nurturing (SQL) – creating content for specific industries and email campaigns has generated multiple qualified leads. While monitoring their digital body language, contacts were carefully segmented and alerts were sent to sales departments when the lead was ready to purchase.
  • Buying process – before calling SQL, sales department checks the contact’s card where the full picture of a lead is gathered, helping the sales reps to close the deal more effectively.
  • Content and qualification – generated posts effectively contribute to lead generation. Moreover, such posts were sent weekly to contact database as newsletter, generating traffic and conversions on the website for lead qualification. This is part of the inbound marketing designed strategy.
  • Defining success and metrics – with the help of SALESmanago sales funnels contacts were put in their corresponding funnel stages and moved through until they were converted into customers. Sales funnel appeared to be a great tool for controlling the sales process and creating sales forecasts based on average revenue per customer and sales cycle. Emred could measure the number of new leads and closed leads monthly with the conversion of the process per sales rep
  • ToolsSALESmanago closes the marketing loop between the marketing automation and the CRM. Since SALESmanago has it’s own CRM platform Emred had a seamless integration to control the whole information flow in one single place staying away from Silos. As a result salesmen have more time to focus on selling.


Emred evaluates success from the sales perspective, regarding different channels used during the sales cycle: email, phone call, webinar and meetings.

  • Email – after qualification of leads database email OR has increased by 400%. For personalized 1-to-1 emails OR increased by 700% and CTR by 1500%.
  • Phone calls – alerts sent to sales department when customers were visiting the website, after an email or a as a result of a new form submission, facilitated webinar and meeting closing. Webinar/ meeting close rate on phone calls increased by 350%.
  • Closings – since the sales department implemented the automation rules, they became capable to control most of the selling process. Sales conversions increased by 200%.

Emred’s options for further development

  • Develop new Lead Nurturing process to have more Sales Qualified Leads.
  • Create more business specified funnels for more precise targeting.
  • Increase lead generation through inbound marketing, social media integration and communication.

„We became opinion leaders at the Spanish market thanks to one to one personalized email campaigns delivering the right content to the right lead.”
Mar de Ojeda y Ruiz de Luna, General Director at EMRED