Customer Value Marketing


Customer Value Marketing is a marketing strategy designed for B2C marketers build around the concept of customer value and marketing automation. Customer Value Marketing aims at building the highest value of a customer over time and in practice, on maximizing return on investment per customer.

Customer Value Marketing is redefining traditional outbound marketing by the deployment of advanced methods of dynamic customer segmentation based on RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analytics, supported by behavioral (Digital Body Language) analytics used to create real-time multichannel structure of marketing automation processes along the whole customer lifecycle, from lead generation to bringing customer to most valuable segment and fostering long term relationships.

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Customer Value Marketing – Customer Communication

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CVM uses traditional outbound channels (outbound marketing), such as:

  • E-mail Marketing – dynamic e-mail messages and newsletters
  • Website – dynamic product recommendations and personalized contact forms (pop-up)
  • Social Media – advertising campaigns and Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Mobile Marketing – SMS, VMS, push notifications and mobile applications
  • Telemarketing and direct sales

Each of these channels can be used equally to build nonlinear marketing processes (as distinct from linear process typical for B2B sector) and provide personalized offer to the specific groups of people at the most appropriate moment. All that can be executed in real time by various channels with the use of SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform.

Customer Value Marketing – outbound is more important than inbound in B2C

Customer Value Marketing is marketing strategy standing in contradiction to inbound marketing, as designed for B2B marketers and primarily oriented on generating leads and serving to attract and educate customers through different stages of the purchase funnel and driving website traffic by means of creating interesting content.

The main marketing technique to achieve the objectives of Customer Value Marketing is RFM driven Marketing Automation based on dynamic segmentation of customers depending on transactional activity of customer over time supported by the behavioral data gathered about single customer in marketing automation platform. This new, dynamic, RFM based 360 Degree Customer View may be then used to create a totally new structure of marketing automation processes using e-mail, SMS messages, dynamic website content, mobile, social media, advertising networks, POS and direct sales to migrate the customer to the highest value segments of customers.

Examples of use:

  • marketing campaigns dedicated to Premium Customer, who make purchases the most often
  • offering discount and deals automatically to customers moving back to the less valuable segments
  • dynamically tailored product recommendations on the website and email messages to average customer expenses
  • even more effective advertising campaigns for Facebook Custom Audiences groups created based on customer purchasing activity

Business benefits:

  • real growth of revenue and sales by marketing operations focused on building customer value (customer expenses and profitability over time)
  • revenue maximization from every captured customer
  • marketing campaigns adjusted to ever-changing customer value
  • distinct marketing strategies to different customer groups, based on their purchasing activity