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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

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Bioderma Case Study

The Bioderma brand automates the customer loyalty program thereby streamlining the communication process with SALESmanago Marketing Automation. Thanks to that Bioderma achieves over 470% higher OR in automated emails and almost 800% higher CTR.

Customer of SALESmanago Marketing Automation - Bioderma

About Bioderma

NAOS is a French company that develops its activities in the area of basic human needs: health, beauty and well-being. It is the 60th cosmetics company in the world – one of the most important independent companies recognized by the vision and values it represents. Thanks to cooperation with prominent scientists and pioneers in their field, NAOS has developed an approach that breaks the existing rules prevailing in the industry by creating products that work where they are needed. Ecobiology has become the guiding principle. Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur were born from this idea, making NAOS an important international figure in the field of skin care products. Bioderma is a French brand that is a leader on the dermocosmetics market. Each of the company’s products is subjected to clinical tests, carried out under the supervision of dermatologists, allergologists and toxicologists. Their results are published regularly in scientific magazines. The brand cooperates with doctors, pharmacies and dermatological offices.


  • Support for the communication process with a loyal customer
  • Strengthening brand awareness and knowledge about body care
  • Orientation on generating Customer activity
  • Generating new registrations and building a contact database
  • Customer base segmentation due to activity and skin type
  • Product promotion in online and stationary stores

Implemented solution

  • Using information about offline purchases in the loyalty program
  • Construction of user profiles
  • Contact segmentation based on the source of acquisition
  • Personalized Lead Nurturing
  • Birthday campaign


  • 470 % increase in OR of personalized emails with rules in relation to mass mailing
  • 800 % increase in CTR in automatic messages compared to mass mailing

To find out more about this case, download the Case Study here

Bioderma SALESmanago Marketing Automation effects