Automatic Sales Chat

Automatic Sales Chat is a module that enables creating an automatic conversation with the user on Facebook Messenger. Using this feature of SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform guarantees an immediate reaction to your customers’ inquiries and hence, no inquiries left unattended and not answered to. The Automatic Sales Chat mechanism is based on artificial intelligence rules, while its configuration is very simple. The Automatic Sales Chat is a perfect solution for B2B and B2C actions.

How does Automatic Sales Chat work?

In order to implement an automated conversation, you need to start with preparing conversation scenarios with available elements. Basic elements are:

  • Bot text – a command used to enter text to be shown to users;
  • Wait for a consultant – at every second a consultant may join the conversation by interrupting the automatic chat with a bot or force terminating the chat to give the client a clear suggestion to wait for a consultant;
  • User’s command – enables to extend the conversation, depending on given defined words the user needs to type in order to go to the next conversation stage;
  • User’s command – buttons – allows for suggesting one of the 5 options the user may choose. Each option enables automating switch to the next conversation;

For companies from eCommerce field and those in possession of information on products and services included in XML file, the eCommerce module is available. It enables recognizing user’s exact preferences and – depending on the gathered information – automatically recommend up to 5 products. Available questions are about the:

  • Minimal price
  • Maximal price
  • Product category
  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Product color

Creating elaborate scenarios is really pleasant, simple and intuitive thanks to using the wizards. Before the chat is implemented, the entire conversation can be tested on Facebook using SALESmanago Chat Tester.

Benefits for users:

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  • Real-time recommendations of products and services, tailored to customers’ needs and interests
  • Really simple implementation
  • Creating multi-language conversations
  • Possibility to plan an entire conversation with the client
  • Unlimited number of scenarios
  • Supporting marketing department and customer service department efforts
  • Expanding communication with client to a new channel
  • Reaching a wider group of recipients with your offer
  • Competitive advantage

Customer Reference

„We are very happy and proud to be working with SALESmanago. The software is incredibly extensive, diverse but yet easy to use. Our product manager is a true professional. Not only does she knows everything there is to know about the product, she is also always available to help. The communication goes real fast and smooth, and they’re certainly willing to “walk the extra mile” in order for you to be succesfull. This all comes with a very warm and understanding approach. We’re happy to recommend SALESmanago to our peers and will continue to do so for many years to come.”
Tom Kriger, Marketing Specialist, Reports